Continual Genocide Of Circassians

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Russia has started to released shows on their state-funded and operated television channels to hopefully spread misinformation about the Circassian issue. Here is a translated version of the show which is a good example of how they are willing to lie to cover up the truth.

«The Circassians historically inhabited the whole northwestern Caucasus, including the Black Sea coast. During the Russian conquest of the Caucasus in the nineteenth Century, the Circassians were exterminated and deported from their homeland to the Ottoman Empire on a mass scale. An estimated 90 percent of the Circassian population was killed, died of artificially imposed hardships or were sent into exile. After Moscow won the right to hold the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, which was once Circassian land, the Circassian diasporas worldwide and in the North Caucasus started to campaign to attract the world’s attention to their plight. One of the principal demands of the Circassians is for Moscow to affirm the right of the exiles’ descendants to return to their historic homeland in the North Caucasus. So far, the Russian government has been very reluctant to allow any sizable immigration of the Circassians.»

Artem Shirkov, Aleksey Yaschikov, Andrey Popov
Analytical program «Postscriptum»

Propaganda Interviews by :
1) Mikhail Zalikhanov — deputy of state Duma, a Hero of Socilist Labour.
2) Sergey Mikheyev — head of the Center of political state of affairs.
3) Aleksander Chachiya — political scientist, head of the Center of globalization problems.
4) Valery Kadokhov — assistant director of the Committee of Council of the Federation of Russian Federation on regional politics.


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