During the Soviet times every year we celebrated on November 29 at first day of Sovietization of Armenia (right), and then the day of the establishment of Soviet power in Armenia, while through consistent efforts by the State propaganda machinery and when frightened silence surviving eyewitnesses to the events of those fateful days in the consciousness of the inhabitants of Armenia introduced completely perverted picture of Sovietization, the benchmark which became the infamous film "Zangezur". Of course, overseas Armenians had more opportunities to know the historical truth, although, of course, is also quite biased.
The problem of historical truth and today remains topical. Because of that, and today is widely used all accumulated Bolshevik propaganda antidašnakcakanskij stuff like with completely different but essentially the same anti-national purposes. For the same purpose in recent times increasingly used and the signing of the "disgraceful" (shameful) Aleksandropol′skogo of the contract concluded with the Turks December 3, 1920 year.
Apparently, the creation of objective political history of modern times still ahead. It is clear, however, that it can only be established through the consolidation of all valuable, that created the Soviet and foreign Armenian historiography, and primarily on the basis of facts, regardless of whether they like someone or not.
It is on the basis of these considerations, we have decided to publish a little-known document that will allow the former "sovkam" and the unwitting victims of the current propaganda antidašnakcakanskoj look at the seemingly well-known events of those years and from another point of view, for someone, perhaps somewhat unexpected, but certainly that is part of the historical truth, ignore that nobody has the right to.

An open letter from the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia and National Commissioner Aharonian. Foreign Affairs of the USSR g. Čičerinu
Mr people's Commissar!
Deciding on a journey from Moscow to Armenia-Yerevan and Alexandropol-you apparently pushed the categorical need for obelenii and justification of the policy of Soviet Russia against Armenia. Should be on your conscience lies the cargo, heavy enough that made you go in hard, full of deprivations and inconveniences of travel, the purpose of which is the utterance of the acquittal of speeches before the battered, bloody and sogbennoj under your yoke of Armenia and its people.
Contrary to the proclaimed "open policy", you, with the agility of a politician of the old school of diplomacy, in their speeches tužites′ responsible for the Armenian tragedy lay on your victim.
I speak to you as an Armenian statesman, as official representative of the Armenian nation, which is familiar with the events you mentioned. … So, the Chairman of the delegation of the Republic of Armenia on behalf of the people of Armenia appeals to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In his speech, you said that Armenian Revolutionary Dashnaktsutiun, i.e. the Armenian national Government by concluding the Treaty of Alexandropol, "not only gave way to Kars and other areas, but in fact left Yerevan district to a foreign State in order to use the forces of foreign States against its internal enemies."
This, Mr people's Commissar, more than the original statement.

In his speech, you said that Armenian Revolutionary Dashnaktsutiun, i.e. the Armenian national Government by concluding the Treaty of Alexandropol, "not only gave way to Kars and other areas, but in fact left Yerevan district to a foreign State in order to use the forces of foreign States against its internal enemies."
This, Mr people's Commissar, more than the original statement.

If the defeated Armenia was forced to take inhumane conditions proposed by the Turks in 1920 year peace, simply because your ally Turkey acted against us, with your political and military support. In his speech, you never have dropped that in the negotiation of the Treaty of Aleksandropol′skogo Soviet Russia represented Will mdivani, speaking on your behalf. Maybe you forgot that in October of the same year you sign and ratify this Treaty?

Your responsibility is not limited to this. Judging by your words, for you political relations between Soviet Russia and Armenia begins with the 1920 Treaty Aleksandropol′skogo the year. However, the Treaty is only the latest act of the Armenian tragedy. A true story in an undistorted and chronologically restate what we need, right?
So, I must remind you that being involved in 1914 year in war against Turkey, Russia with its allies plunged into it and the Armenian people, promising the Armenians liberate their homeland. The Armenian people is not without fears got involved in a bloody war, becoming close with the Russian nation and its allies. Concerns of the Armenian people was based on the fact that the worldwide known Turkish barbarity can lead to death under power Turk brothers. The Armenian people, however, went to the high ideal of sacrifice for the liberation of their homeland. You know, that half a million sons and daughters of the Armenian people were sacrificed that Western Armenia turned into ashes.

And when such cost Russian and Armenian troops, rejecting the Turks from Erzincan and Trebizond, were finally exhausted Armenian province, when Armenians refugees to return to their homeland, then, when the Russian army, yielding your Bolshevik propaganda, ditched the Caucasian front and left small and compelled the Armenian army of one on one against the Turks. Here it is-the first betrayal of Soviet Russia against Armenia.
This betrayal was Mickey Lenin decree by which Western Armenia, from which Russian troops have been withdrawn, was proclaimed a "free and independent".
One might expect that, although Russia and became a Bolshevik, leaving Armenia militarily support its least diplomatically.
However, and here you and your Government inhumane changed us. At that time you forged the Brest-Litovsk Treaty, under the terms of which you have left Turkey not only Western Armenia, but also a large part of the Caucasian Armenia-Kars and Ardahan regions Surmalu. Is your second betrayal, Mr. people's Commissar.
Based on this agreement, the Turkish Commander of the Vehib Pasha moved immediately to Parliament, demanding the Kars, Ardahan, Surmalu. Thus, the Treaty of Alexandropol 1920 year resulted from prisoner two years earlier of the Brest-Litovsk Treaty.
Now ask yourself, who gave Armenian territories Turks-we or you, the leaders of the Soviet Russia? Because we are writing history, Mr. people's Commissar, accurate and impartial history, where there is no place for imagination because game still fresh in the memory of all. And when you said its a bold indictment speech against Armenian national Government, have you ever thought, even for a moment over these facts, Mr. people's Commissar?
No, Mr. people's Commissar, nobody and nothing will be able to make the world forget that Brest-Litovsk shameful act is a matter of your own, there are Bolsheviks hands. You not only threw Armenia to fend for themselves. At that time, you've already started in Moscow friendly conversations with the Turks, the Armenian people executioners, as Enver Pasha, who became "Comrade Enver".
You haven't had, when bloody battles with the Turks. But after August 10, 1920, fateful year for Armenia, when, thanks to the courage and fortitude, energy of the Armenian people, thanks to the victory of the allies martyr nation regained its freedom Charter finally-the Treaty of Sevres, which has declared the free, independent and United Armenia, that's it then you again appeared in the Caucasus, but this time hand-in-hand with its allies-the Turks. And you appeared as an enemy of the liberation of the Armenian people. Here's your third betrayal towards Armenia, Mr. people's Commissar.
Since that time, you along with your ally Turkey constantly fought against the Treaty of Sevres and the independence of the Armenian people. To destroy this Treaty and put on his knees before the Turks, Armenian people at Fault, in 1920, after the famous "Congress of the peoples of the East" in Baku, where he presided over Zinoviev, Kazym Karabekir Pasha received from you a massive telegram-move on. And for the success of Turkish invasion you simultaneously their subversive propaganda demoralized the Armenian army, supplied the Turkish military, ammunition, gold and food. Your military agents strenuously contributed to the fall of Kars. For the defeat of our continued resistance to your Red Army entered Armenia from the North, while the Turkish army moved from the South. This double attack which you carried out together with the Turks, you decapitated our homeland, causing hundreds of thousands of victims and the destruction of Armenians in Karsskoj province.

And this Armenia tied its fate to the fate of the Russian nation, and Armenian blood flowed and mixed with Russian blood.
Here's your fourth treachery towards Armenia, Mr. Commissioner.
Then you tried to cheat the Armenian people caricature "Republic of Armenia". And as the Tsarist Government sent from Petersburg to Armenia of its police and other officials, in the same way and you from the depths of Russia have flooded our country with their agents, so alien to Armenian people as attackers. You have filled our prisons and our intellectuals fighting young people then chopped with axes.
Your regime established in Armenia, was cruel to such an extent that the Armenian people even still and ravaged, was unable to tolerate it and February 18, 1921 year rebelled against you, drove from the country your agents and your army. What a brilliant proof that we could not make either of your regime, nor your doctrine and your no violence! But your policy could not allow a small heroic Armenian nation that you threw to the Turks, was able to finally live independently on a small part of the territory of their country. To quell the revolt, again you have filled our country in blood. Is your fifth betrayal, Mr Commissioner!
In his aleksandropol′skoj speech you deliberately bypass the silence of these facts. However, it is my duty to reveal all of this before the world in the name of Justice, in the name of the Armenian people. All this was said in the year 1922 in Genoa and will be fair if these things remind people and repeat it publicly. You deny secret diplomacy, isn't it, Mr. Commissioner?
Conclusion: with the collapse of the Turkish State came to an end the Turkish barbarism, and Armenia at the fire and blood of the Treaty of Sevres was acquired as the highest rewarding for martyrdom and the liberation struggle. Only your treachery forced the Armenian nation go in Alexandropol.
The world will not forget ever that after the Turks only you directly responsible for the deaths of the Armenian people. Because of you our heroic and bloody battle had become vain. Before the judgement of history you will always be allies, talaatam ènveram and kemalâm, with whom did the dirty work of the murder of the Armenian people. Vain are now trying to speeches and statements confuse world public opinion and healthy national feeling of the Armenian people. Whoever tore up the Treaty of Sevres-Charter of freedom of the Armenian people, Armenian nation enemy forever.
Finishing my word, I don't appeal to your conscience, because your ideology denies any personal morals and sense of Justice. I don't appeal to you in the name of international morality, for which you own political methods show only disdain. Do not remind you about the right of Nations to self-determination, because today the peoples under your laws, more unfortunate than in any other mode. I'll just say that the Armenian people, brutally deprived of rights and mercilessly tormented because of you, however, not lost faith in the great Russian nation. He wants to believe that sooner or later his martyrdom will not leave indifferent Russian conscious masses. He believes that terrible neighbor, as the older brother, stretch a hand of friendship to Armenia, that the restoration of the great Russian nation after countless tests would be the backbone of a free, independent, unified the revived Armenia.
Avetis aharonyan, May 25, 1925 year
"Armyanski Vestnik". 1990. August. C. 3.

Socio-political newspaper "Golos Armenii"

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