Ahmed Zakayev: Putin's Ambitions bring independence of Chechnya


Ukraine continues to the fifth month of armed confrontation in the Donbass, which the Ukrainian army, law enforcement officers and volunteers to confront local separatists and mercenaries supported by Russia. On the side of the militants are involved mercenaries from Chechnya. After the first evidence of their presence in Ukraine was forced to admit this fact, the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. He even threatened that more than 70 thousand Chechens can arrive to Donbass "restore order" unless Putin orders. But that did not happen. Pro-Russian Chechen leadership claims are fiction, confident and bravado, the head of the Chechen Republic in èkzile Ahmed Zakayev because Kadyrov just not so many people.

In the first part of an interview with Zakayev told about who these dogs of war fighting against the Ukrainians in the Donbas, and what Putin needs to maintain instability in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

The second part of the interview we talked about why Chechnya is entitled to independence, in contrast to so-called LNR, DNI, what effect will have "marches for federalization, Oblates throughout Russia, as well as countries ready to intercede for Ukraine in NATO if Russia decides to enter their troops in the Donbass.

Many representatives of UNA-UNSO participated in Russo-Chechen war. Do you with someone of them bond with someone familiar with personally?

Direct contacts and direct contacts with them I don't have. But in our Government structures, there are people who come in contact with them and continue to work together. We also maintain contacts and with the Crimean Tatars, especially closely after Russia occupied Crimea.

The party "the right sector" in the eyes of the official Kremlin is hardly the daemonized political force in Ukraine. In view of the fact that it includes some representatives of UNA-UNSO, do you maintain contact with someone from the party members razdelâeteli her views?

It is my deep belief that this party are Patriots of Ukraine. This party never attacked anyone and did not commit aggression against anyone. This party has a vested interest to defend the interests of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian State. And the promotion I know well. In Chechnya, all those who did not agree with the policy of Russia, were enrolled in level terrorists. Dzhokhar Dudayev, Aslan Maskhadov, and many other Chechen leaders and Patriots. All our leadership has been called extremist, radical and terrorist. So the more Russian propaganda about someone said bad, need to come from the reverse, that is considered good. The forces they represent enemies, fascists, Nazis, terrorists are actually those who truly protects the interests of a State or nation. Even without personal contacts with representatives of this party for me to draw their own conclusions, enough of the fact that Russia is trying to demonize them.

Social networks a wide response evoked the idea of holding in Russia the so-called "March for federalization of Siberia" and similar actions in other regions of Russia. Whether Russia can support such initiatives, and whether it is possible to conduct a similar March in Chechnya because the Republic had previously fought for independence from the RUSSIAN FEDERATION?

In Chechnya, the desire of independence there is no disposition. Putin has committed a war crime and a direct genocide against my people and what he does now in Ukraine, marked the beginning of the destruction of the evil empire. Exactly once said President Reagan in the United States against the SOVIET UNION. But the present Russia as the successor of the USSR, and has assumed all responsibility for all crimes that are committed in the USSR. Russia and Russian Empire with their ambition today is much more dangerous for mankind than the USSR back then. Today, Putin is no longer solely a problem of the Chechen people. Putin has become issue No. 1 for the entire international community. The paradox is that no one could just as well be done for the destruction of the Empire, as Putin with his čekistskim. You should be aware that since the occupation of Crimea Putin started processes of deterioration of the Russian Empire. Certainly this area, which today is known as the Russian Federation, is transformed into any other State entity. Don't know how much it's going to take time, 3, 4, or 5 years, but Putin launched.

As for the "March for federalization…". What sat in the minds of the people, goes now to the outside. When Putin started to rethink those decisions that have been made after the second world war, mean the inviolability of borders, he just ruined all these decisions. After all, not someone else, and he himself began the process of suverenizacii regions. After the occupation of Chechnya, the Russian Federation had become essentially a unitary State. There was no federalism in the country. The first thing that made Putin came to power, "denounced the Federal Treaty of 1992 year.

It turns out that Putin's imperial ambitions bring independence to Chechnya?

Why I said that, despite the fact that Putin is a war criminal, I partly thankful that this person appeared on the political scene in Russia. It is his actions in Georgia in the year 2008 and now in Ukraine initiated the recognition of the independence of the Chechen Republic. The Chechen leadership during the reign of Putin offered different solutions to the problem of Russian-Chechen relations. We tried to convince the Russian storonuv that the recognition of the independence of the Chechen Republic and the establishment of diplomatic relations with it would be much more profitable for Russia than the continuing fierce war. Our plan to address the Russian-Chechen conflict relied on Moscow peace treaty between CRI and the Russian Federation from May 12, 1997 year, signed by presidents Boris Yeltsin and Aslan Maskhadov. It was a basic document on the basis of which had to be built further relations between Russia and Chechnya. So, between Chechnya and Russia, starting with the King pea, there is only one legally designed document that defines the relationship between the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic. About it I now say. It is recorded that the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and the Chechen Republic will establish their relations on the basis of the principles of international law.

To ensure that the two warring parties we have become friendly States, you had to make the first step is to recognize our independence. Further, on the basis of this first step, you can solve the problem of Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, granting peoples the right to determine their own future. However, our proposal was rejected and all contacts with Russia, then stopped. Besides Anna Politkovskaya were murdered soon and my friend Alexander Litvinenko. After this no contact with representatives of Putin was not.

You speak for the independence of Chechnya from Russia, representatives of DND and LNR declare independence from Ukraine, but you don't support. Why Chechnya to fight for independence, and unrecognized republics in Donbass-no?

Of course, a free man will never encroach on the freedom of other people. But in this case, speaking of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine, no struggle for freedom. First of all, these areas were not in any period of history were forcibly seized by Ukraine. In contrast, today there are Russian terrorists and mercenaries, led by Russian intelligence officers, fought for the exclusion of the territories of Ukraine and joining the colonial of the Russian Empire. In other words, the objectives, enemy of the Chechen people for their independence from the Russian Empire, and to the so-called Donets Basin's and Luhansk separatists trying to attach them to the Russian Empire, that is, to enslave them, not only do not coincide, and are diametrically opposed, as are the opposite of freedom and slavery. And so the logic of the struggle against colonial dependence on Russia is forcing the Chechens maintain in the East of Ukraine no t.n. war DNI and the LNR and the Ukrainian people and its leadership.

That will point to the desire of the Chechens independence, because we all understand that the public shares the political orientation in the Republic are hardly possible?

As you know, abroad the Government of the Chechen Republic, which is called the Government-in-exile. Representatives of our Governments are now in Chechnya. Even government Ministers, heads of districts and villages are located on the territory of Chechnya. We are working closely with them. It is clear that in today's conditions, they are in hiding. All of this underground movement in the Republic there. The slightest hesitation in Moscow, the slightest position Putin in Kremlin slacking, and I assure you, this will be the first signal to change, because three days after such a signal in the Chechen Republic all changes. Ramzan Kadyrov in Chechnya will hold no more than 3 days after the leave.

Is there already such fluctuations?

It is since became "krymnaš" started fluctuations in Moscow. How long it will last, how many will hold Putin is a matter of time. It is precisely this issue today in the East of Ukraine.

The Russian side insists that representatives of the so-called LNR and DND were participants of intergovernmental negotiations, together with Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the United States. Maybe it is their participation will mark the beginning of the world?

The first meeting at the negotiating table with these people would mean the complete defeat of the Ukrainian people and would be a betrayal by today's managers of Ukraine. In my opinion, the Ukrainian leadership today to prepare relevant documents for the UN Security Council for recognizing the LNR and DNI terrorist organizations. Among the documents are supposed to be and the results of the International Commission concerning Malaysia Airlines passenger plane shot down.

The international community is ready to support a decision on the recognition of these terrorist organizations?

I think China could abstain, Russia will vote against it. But all this does not interfere with recognition of their terrorist. And with such organizations only one conversation-terrorists must be either destroyed or must be brought to justice. I am sure that 99.9% of the international community will support such an instrument. And after the various institutions, nor the opposition will not urge the Ukrainian leadership negotiate with these criminals.

War comes to the Donbass, activates the confrontation in Karabakh. Where in the post-Soviet space may arise a new point of tension?

First of all, Transnistria. Russia had already begun to "connect" Transnistria conflict in the East of Ukraine. There are contacts and communications of Transnistria with the terrorists that operate today in Donbass. In my opinion, it is very important now and the leadership of Ukraine and the EU leadership to support the leadership of Moldova, which is in limbo and could not abandon this region, i.e. must establish its jurisdiction on Transnistria.

But if Moldova tries to force show that Transnistria is its region, it could trigger a new wave of conflict and radical response, Russia, which hardly wants Moldova itself, isn't it?

Russia on Karabakh at Donetsk and Transnistria will not suffice. We should not always look at Russia. This country will never start a nuclear war. Everyone who decorates in the Kremlin have billions abroad. Their children, their families, their homes are here in Europe. Never a serious confrontation with Europe and the West, they will not go. Because they are the money earned is not to dispel the heat of nuclear war, but rather to live and enjoy life. Besides, this weapon no one Putin apply will not allow. It was said that sanctions were not very hard were adopted. But today, they have created a rift between the ruling elite in Russia. Simply put, policemen surrounded by Putin for putting troops in Ukraine and a tough confrontation with the West, and the oligarchs are "friends" of Putin for the peaceful resolution of the conflict, that is, for the preservation of their capital.

Whether sanctions can stop Putin's aggression towards Ukraine?

They may affect on Putin, but on those who make decisions. Do you think Putin one makes decisions? No, of course not. If today will be, as I mentioned above, to expose sanctions as soon as Putin's Entourage, subjecting them to sanctions the money here in the West is going to be a solution to the problem. This is the only thing that can stop the aggression against Ukraine. Except, of course, the complete victory of the Ukrainian law-enforcers, who will return under its jurisdiction in those regions that Putin is destabilized.

Is the war in the Crimea after the Donbass is released, and what fate awaits the peninsula?

The fact of the matter is that this territory the world has never recognized the Russian. This sword of Damocles hanging over the Russian Empire. They have created for themselves on level ground problem. If Putin world stopped in Crimea, if Ukrainian power structures on the peninsula began to have the same resistance as the Donbas, I assure you that such problems as now in the East of Ukraine, simply would not exist. That is, it was an error and the error of the entire international community, which has just closed its eyes to the fact of occupation. In fact, besides the declarations they did nothing.

Of course, getting around, that we are with you now see was launched in Chechnya. If Putin stopped in Chechnya, there would have been no armed conflict in Georgia (2008 g. -"Commander in Chief"), nor the conflict in Ukraine, nor annexation of Crimea, and just the fact that today we are experiencing. Putin in fact believe in impunity. After Chechnya was Georgia. After Georgia, Crimea, and now the rest of Ukraine.

If Ukraine in Crimea arranged for armed resistance to aggression, came to her rescue troops from NATO countries?

NATO troops would not come to the Crimea, as they will not come today, and to the East of Ukraine. But if the Ukrainian armed forces to resist Russian aggression in Crimea, Ukraine would NATO countries the same political, material and moral support, which it turns out to be today. Ukraine must understand one simple truth: for her, for Ukrainian interests will not fight nobody. But in righteous struggle against the invaders, they always will be supported.

Why Turkey accompanies Russia and does not prevent the entry of Turkish ships flying flags of third countries to ports in Crimea?

The Turkish leadership has a clear understanding of what happened in the Crimea. They understand that what happened was a defeat for Russia. If the whole world together will introduce tough sanctions against Russia, Russia could abandon the Crimea due to beginning of the destructive processes in their country. Turkey, as if turning a blind eye to these moments, the reaction of the international community, gives the opportunity to start the process of the destruction of Russia, about which we speak. All understand that at no time and under no circumstances Crimea will not and cannot be greater than the Russian. I don't know how many, maybe 5 years old they are. Let me put it this way, that Crimea comprising the Russian Federation will hold as much as Putin will hold in the Kremlin. But I think it will be less than 5 years. Russia itself will be forced to withdraw from the Crimea to prevent inevitable processes, which will begin in Russia. We do not exclude that Putin could come more radical nationalists. But they only it's finished the work on the destruction of Russia, conducted by Putin. There is no other option.

When Chechnya will become independent?

We will do everything that depends on us, to wars in Chechnya, was no more. We, the Chechen people, navoevalis′ 200 years ahead. We have paid a very heavy price for our freedom and independence of our country. Therefore, the next step for the restoration of Chechen statehood would not be so painful as the past 20 years.

But experience has shown that peaceful means to achieve the independence of Chechnya from Russia is impossible, isn't it?

When the process starts, the Kremlin and the Russian army will not until Chechnya, I assure you.

Commander in Chief


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