Alexei ELAGIN: Orthodox Islamism or last bid Emperor


What humanity is, surprisingly, walks in circles, while umudrââs′ to make the rising progressive movement, has long been a generally accepted historical fact. And if the stimulus progress has always been the achievement of mankind in the field of knowledge and improvement of technologies based on them, "walking in circles" can be attributed to the actions of politicians, aimed not at resolving naturally arising in the course of the historical progress of conflicts between "future" and "past", and the "freezing" of these conflicts, i.e. leaving the problems to future generations. Unfortunately, mankind all fundamental conflicts are used to authorize the military way and what is happening now in the world, shows another way not yet found.

Hope all of you Republicans? "-Ronald Reagan
40th President of the United States, referring to surgeons
preparing it to operate, after the assassination attempt.

Trendy now, the term "hybrid war" is essentially just a beautiful name for terrorism raised Russia to the level of State policy, as had the courage to speak only to the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. It turned out to be the only politician in Europe, straight nazvavšim Russia country-a terrorist and calling to provide military assistance to Ukraine and responding with its own, not contractual commitments, and this commitment to European values, while European leaders-Germany, France and Italy continue to "feed the crocodile, hoping he will eat their latest," in the words of Sir Winston Churchill, who led Britain's struggle against Nazi Germany after a long policy of appeasement of Hitler chosen by his predecessor, whose criminal uncertainty gave an opportunity to potential aggressors to become a real threat around the world.

More correctly, the term "hybrid" used in conjunction with the word "peace" is achieved as a result of "freezing" hot conflicts, the number and intensity of which lately has been growing steadily, threatening to grow into a global conflict with disastrous consequences for mankind because of the open and demonstrative threat of use of nuclear weapons by Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council with veto power, "unlimited" on any decision that , the only international organization that can act as an arbitrator in resolving conflicts peacefully. Russia began preparing 3-World War II using in foreign policy:

State terrorism
its capacity as a permanent member of the UN SECURITY COUNCIL,
economic blackmail of the European countries, the main component of which is the gas dependence of Europe, specifically Germany and some Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia) from Russian gas supplies,
an unprecedented campaign of deception and fraud in the international media space; in conjunction with Frank large-scale militarization of the economy, the re-equipment of the army, propaganda of violence and terror against the opposition inside the country, inevitably becoming, thus, in the most dangerous dictatorship in history.
Latest halftones disappear from the political map of the world and the conflict is not resolved during the last world war, the conflict between the two forms of Government democracy and authoritarianism, freedom and tyranny, our eyes faces turn into another world war.

70 years ago that the conflict was "frozen" leaders, will history have proved allies in the fight against Nazi Germany, representing the same threat to democracy as the Bolshevik Russia. Meeting on the Elbe, the war ceased not generals, and soldiers saw in each other enemies and politics, including Stalin, rvavšijsâ to world domination, but forced to stay after realizing the price to be paid, in the case of the continuation of the war.

Mechanism of freezing the conflict was created by the anti-Hitler coalition leaders at the Yalta Conference, divided the world into spheres of influence between themselves and laid the foundations for a new international organization designed to preserve the understandings "powerful" and create new rules of international relations on the basis of consensus between them. Demonstrating each other Finally, for deterrence, its capabilities in a lightning destruction of the Imperial Japan, hand over 70 years more or less successfully used the UN as a "world …" to avoid war with each other, still leaving the hope that humanity will be able to avoid a repetition of the horrors of the last world war.

Now, however, Russia agreed to the "freezer" off to the threat of another world war to change the prevailing world order, obviously realizing that this is her last chance to intervene in the course of history and "snatch" imagine a piece of territory, on which Russian World Leader will take the Court unanimously and legislate, without having to listen to the West, with its alien Russian person values of democracy. And the dimensions of this Russian world defined solely by the borders at which stop Russian tanks aimed a firm hand of the emperor to protect the world from any democratic evil, dreaming to enslave people of Russian, deprive it of its faith and spiritual skrepov, claws, fangs and other attributes of the people-the Conqueror of the liberator and turn in a sort of a boring European people whose life though and one hundred times happier, longer and richer than the Russians now, but not experienced in rare pauses between drinking, hangover delight from his own force and terror, inspired others, ability to kill indiscriminately enemies, friends, just strangers, then sob of self-pity, vymalivaâ frenzy at Popov forgiveness and celebrating with them happy deliverance from all sins, shameless joy from the impunity of the offence , cheating or stealing, and reverence for those whose crimes exceeded the limits of their understanding. On the degree of infestation of the society of Russian national chauvinism Putin surpassed their teachers-Stalin and Hitler, started a crusade against the hated democracies of the West during the second world war, but instead joined in a death struggle with each other.

History repeats itself and also, as Stalin was Nazi Germany, which Russia diligently helped arm and pushed to open conflict with the West, with a view to pitting their grueling war, wait the hour and finish off a weakened winner and now, Putin and Iran is arming the Islamists, eager to revenge in the struggle with the West, had destroyed the totalitarian regimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Putin uses the same strategy as that of Stalin on the eve of the second world, providing maximum assistance to Iran in building a new Islamic Empire (IG), able to enter into open nuclear conflict with the West, Russia to anything it will encourage in every possible way. Certainly analog Ribentroppa-Molotov Pact has long been signed between Moscow and Tehran, which defines the zone of influence in the future the post-war world-the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa, Iran, Europe from the Atlantic to the Pacific-Russia. Guide to the Kremlin leadership into the world of Islamic radicalism serves as the kadyrovskij regime in Chechnya. In this case, it is obvious that the "allies" the anti-Western coalition trust each other exactly so much how their predecessors-Bolshevik Russia and Nazi Germany. Kremlin strategists preparing to take advantage of the "fruits" of Iran's standoff with the West have been active "diplomatic" work in Turkey, Egypt and Syria, Iran's enemies, either explaining this ally on the need to ensure that the supply of arms to the region, which will then be passed to the Islamists, and Iran has consistently overrun Russia militants, disguised by Kadyrov's militias, who are ready to execute any order of the new Russian Emperor, including and help him "self-destruct" at the first opportunity.

Objects to attack the Islamists are chosen solely on the basis of the interests of Russia, Chief of which is the creation of an atmosphere of panic and chaos in the oil market in order to raise oil prices and finally undermine the influence of OPEC, supposedly another common enemy for Iran and Russia.

To implement this strategy of Russia need Crimea, as a huge military base, with rail and road links with mainland Russia, naval bases in the Caucasus and Cyprus, Syria and Greece and good relations with Turkey, which is able to destroy this whole strategy, closing Ocean Straits. It is for the supply of weapons and planned acquisition of France "then more thinning would occur" and small submarines S-1000 with Italy.

In addition, Russian aggression against Ukraine, violates the Budapest memorandum showed Iran, first of all, that there is no security guarantees more effective, than a couple of dozen nuclear warheads, and the threat of "world police"-United States and Britain not to threaten the country with so much potential, nothing but sanctions with which totalitarian regime can easily, unlike the economy of democratic States. And through the joint efforts of the two Empires will cope with this problem and is not at all difficult.

Western countries were completely unprepared for such a development, although the time for the one correct power respond to violation by Russia of the Budapest Memorandum, instead relying on peaceful negotiations with aggressor and sankcionnoe pressure on its economy and, at the same time trying to join him to achieve any positive result for themselves in arduous negotiations on Iran's nuclear program. Instead of trying to fulfill its obligations to the State, for the first time in history voluntarily refused nuclear weapons, and as quickly as possible to give him a real military assistance by entering into its territory at the request of the Ukrainian leadership forces sufficient to ensure territorial integrity, that completely eliminate the overgrowth of the conflict, the West became involved himself and plunged Ukraine into a process of negotiations with terrorists, breathtaking using large chunks of Russia all territory of Ukraine with impunity, destroying its economy, killing civilians and members of the armed forces of Ukraine. These reactions allowed Russia actually legitimize the annexation of Crimea, pushing this issue on the backburner, against the background of developments in the Donbas. West made a formation on the territory of Ukraine quasi-government militias armed and supplied with all necessary equipment for Russia of waging war, while denying Ukraine even in supplying necessary for defence weapons, threatened the Kremlin will allegedly not taking part in this conflict, and, therefore, requires non-interference from the West in this, his cynical approval, an internal Ukrainian conflict. Attempts to stop the advance of Russian mercenaries into the territory of Ukraine through negotiations and peacekeeping forces will surely fail, and the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine will only increase. Thus, Putin successfully managed to repeat the tactics Hitler applied to them when the annexation of Czechoslovakia before World War II, which caused the guarantors of its own security brought her an ultimatum from the aggressor, in hopes of avoiding the attack of Hitler on their country. And now Germany and France imposed on Ukraine truce with the occupier on the actual conditions of the surrender requirement to change the Constitution under the dictation of the aggressor differently called impossible.

Successful independent Ukraine is not included in the plans for Putin, strength, allowing him to make war, "staying aloof" created, but not all the strategic objectives have been met, although one of the most important objectives have already been achieved-talks on Iran's "nuclear programme" ripped off, and with it the entire process of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Country-terrorist threatens to ignite a nuclear fire worldwide, but is prepared to speak and as a firefighter, as absolutely noticed in his address to the Security Council, the representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, if the West recognizes the return to colonial rules prevailed in the world until the first world war division of the world into zones of influence, i.e. following the Ukraine, changed its Constitution to change the existing "Constitution" of international relations.

That this threat is more than just a hypothesis presents a statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a joint meeting of both houses of the United States Congress, which is not afraid to go to the significant deterioration in relations between the executive branches of the United States and Israel, to draw attention to the gravity of the problem, on the eve of elections in Israel, putting the security of his country above his own political career, once again following the remarkable rule leaders of Israel-the interests of the country above all else. Only such a policy allows this "small" State to survive in the modern world, while remaining entity in international politics with its own position and can defend it.

Unfortunately, it can be stated that the Ukrainian executive power is very far from the majority of Ukrainians believe that their Prime Minister is able to organize the work of the Government in the interests of their own country. The intensity of the Government's work and its results do not meet the challenges of the present time, therefore, the country needs a new Prime Minister or capable of truly reforming the country's economy and ensure the re-equipment of Ukrainian army or imposition of martial law with reparenting Cabinet Commander-in-chief of the country represented by the President and a fundamental change in foreign policy from "patient sitting behind senior", but cowardly politicians should go to persistent demand respect for international law or the UN recognition of the insolvency of the Budapest Memorandum with all the logical consequences following from it, the consequences.

United States President Barack Obama, who became the author of "reconciliation" strategy during his first presidential term replaced her on forced and the strategy of "peace enforcement" with multilevel economic sanctions campaign with its European allies in the face of Britain and Germany, started a dangerous game with Russia, apparently believing that destroyed, as a result of the continuation of such policies, observance of Putin and Russia's economy will cause it to go "backtrack" or will replace the regime in the Kremlin to another able to return to a policy of cooperation with the West. Perhaps even very, what exactly will happen, but, as current President of the United States likes to repeat, because all will have to pay a price. What price will in this case, Mr President?

Consider again whether your desire to go down in history "peacemaker" the tests will have to go through the Ukrainian people, forced alone fend off Russian Horde and that you are hesitant to provide even a fraction of the aid to which he is entitled to expect from you not only within the framework of the Budapest Memorandum, but also as your chosen strategic ally outside NATO, you with your closest partner Germany not found it possible to accept it even as a candidate , together with Georgia and Moldova. Perhaps a strong Ukraine also is not included in your plans for European allies, who had decided to "change" her in a geopolitical game with Russia, as they have done previously with Georgia, as Turkey is not, the impact of which in the EU is very afraid of its current leaders. And it is only through these countries, along with Israel, the United States can stop Russia of fomenting a new global conflict. Following the EU trying to humiliating trade principles of freedom, you become like the Austrian Youth-Minister of Foreign Affairs, offering EU foreign policy in relations with neighbours to negotiate with them and not with their neighbours, inventing a new "hybrid" diplomatic formula "neighbors of neighbors", thus trying to bashfully hide your fear and readiness to cede to Russia in recognition of its right to establish colonies in modern Europe. Are you ready to lose its influence in Europe and its allies in the Middle East, Turkey and Israel, in Exchange for control of the world oil market, having received two totalitarian education in Europe and the Middle East, the nuclear-weapon States, half a million Army of mercenaries who have nothing to lose, given the number of their crimes against humanity, and with embittered millions hungry population, woe in all their troubles just United States and you personally? Are you ready to come to terms with the destruction of the entire system of international treaties that provide security in the world and the actual destruction of the role of the United Nations, as a global arbiter, able to call upon the infringer, whoever he was, to the point, finally turning to the UN in the similarity of its predecessor, the League of Nations, he became their story before the second world war? Are you ready for the changing political map of the world and a massive new military quasi State in which Presidents and Prime Ministers will be yesterday's terrorists whose hands the blood of thousands of people, and millions will be refugees from areas of "frozen" conflicts, including in prosperous Europe recently? You are such a world going to convey to his successor as President of the United States?

Providing financial assistance to Ukraine the need for reforms and fight against corruption, the United States and the EU of course absolutely right, if this all happened in peacetime. As all the same Sir Winston Churchill: "the credibility of a country is measured by the amount of money that it give in debt". Credit for the 4 year size 15 yards from the IMF and G7 countries promise to "Finish" it up to $ 40, looks more like a mercy and fear to spend at least one extra dollar, but not due to corruption in Ukraine, as Ukraine money returns to creditors even while at war, unlike, for example, from Greece, which won loan in 10 times more to rescue its economy , it is not clear how sideways suddenly became unprofitable, or Argentina, declares the default for default, and, apparently anticipating the disappearance of Ukraine as an independent State and the return of its colonial dependence on Russia. It only remains to agree with CEN-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili, in hearts in 1778 after a visit to the United States in the role of the Adviser of the President of Ukraine that Ukraine becomes a victim of his own honesty. And I would add that and dishonesty of their partners who could not abandon the policy of "double standards" in respect of "small countries", hiding behind the talk of the need to combat corruption, being themselves far from the angels, although tune names entschuldigen Sie Frau Merkel, allowing, for example, seek managers in "Gazprom" his former Kancleram.

Russian Führer has arranged and produced its nuclear bluff quite artfully. But poker-playing American, Mr. President. If you've been waiting for all this time, moment of truth, speaking about the price that Russia will have to pay for flouting international laws, this moment has come. Putin made his latest bid went all-in with this hand, I agree with the opinion of the great Garry Kasparov, on the strength of a pair of sixes. Or do you think he has a full House? Give now, the likelihood of further defeats only to rise, and thus rise and the price of victory.

P.s. hope the next President of the United States will be a Republican?

Alexei Elagin,

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