Andrei piontkovskiy: Russian ship sycophants goes to bottom

Our čistokonkretnye pacany gathered throw absolutely all
Our čistokonkretnye pacany gathered throw absolutely all

In the Russian Federation has not yet war so vile, so false and so frankly looped on personal self-interest of the dictator and his entourage

Understand, gracious reader, that I'm fed up with his Venediktovym. Well, I don't have anything personal to this man! I just, without irony and without any exaggeration, I believe those reports that priceless superkrot-"interlocutor" regularly brings us with peers Vseblagih. In recent weeks and days volume and significance of transmitted them exclusive information has increased dramatically. His sensational revelations about Russia was criminal of joint business "Islamic State" and Bashar Assad stunned observers even suspect he a lot, but not this one. The impression that the "interlocutor" works at the limit, conscious of the inevitability of imminent failure. What this Failure when not dying hero, a dying chorus-writes Russian political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky for Crimea. Realities.

A couple of weeks ago, the entire top of the "Russian political elite" sletala in Ekaterinburg and back to the opening of the "Yeltsin-Center". Candid conversations among themselves on board the vessel and the opening ceremony went about the most important things about the war, its motives, goals, intentions of the sovereign. Reality show, comparable to the report from the Winter Palace in the last days of July, 1914, or the Kremlin August 23, 1939. And we have a compact hologram, which professionally recorded all significant from what there was pronounced.

(…) Putin, however, still publicly operated an important reason the need to test new samples of military equipment, but this "interlocutor" with his usual delicacy was silent. Well, lets go consistently. After the war, with this long will be tried by the tribunals, historians, psychiatrists. At the outset, it should be noted that, as evidenced by the hologram, the objectives of the operation, real or propagandistically declared, constantly vary depending on current events. That is creeping into the war Russia, which threatens to escalate into a world, as though on feel, without a clear understanding of what it is doing and why. Already been 101 years ago. Then there was not yet a bloody bratuški Asada, but there were some other bratuški, sacred right which blow up the Austrian èrcgercogov had at all costs to protect even at the cost of loss of Empire.

There is, however, one set in the Middle East is a war that does not fluctuate along with the circumstances or with the line of the party. The "interlocutor" he formulated so: Putin little victorious war raises itself rating, strengthens its internal position. And this is probably the only point which I would like to seriously argue. It comes from Vseblagih, in my opinion, is no longer about a little war, much less about ratings. In the system their lifetime power that Putin's Brigade now builds, the very notion of rating, i.e. the quantification of the effectiveness of the chieftain, becomes mysleprestupleniem. As elegantly expressed the most authoritative country lawyer, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Valery Zorkin, the country must live in a climate of "military severity."

The concept of a little victorious war is already tested and found to be insolvent and Novorossiya, and in Syria

Our political Etherlords on-line tournament has become abundantly clear that they built a quarter century thieves ' economy rotenbergov, gulls, tsapkov, čemezovyh-čubajsov with one Chinese Tablet for two, millerov, sečinyh absolutely dysfunctional, Dooms the country to marginalization and the impoverishment of the country's citizens. In these circumstances, the retention of power for a long time (a Vseblagie, building on the achievements of modern Western medicine, are counting on very long) can only Imaging besieged on all sides by the enemy fortress, pervasive rallying the masses around the leader and the readiness of the population constantly offer sacrifices on the altar of the fatherland.

The concept of a little victorious war is already tested and found to be insolvent nor of Novorossiya, neither in Syria. Now need a long and exhausting war with an uncertain outcome, preferably with powerful opponents-"Islamic State" and the West, for example. The classical scheme of oruèllovskaâ-South Pacific big brother, eternally PCC with Eurasia and Ostaziej, sometimes, though, changing priorities and a temporary ally.

Let us consider now more on the enemies of our blessed Fatherland in Putin's model of a lifetime of war. So, the West and the "Islamic State". With the naked eye you can see that the West Vseblagie hate much ârostnej, nadryvnej, mstitel′nej and obrečennej. Immediately you believe-by Stanislavsky-mazohistski razmazyvaûŝim its "geopolitical humiliations" nuvoriškam-billionaires, which never adopted in the West in real buržuiny. Islamic terrorists they curse somehow duty, formally, for show. I'd even suggested that "igilovcy" Vseblagimi perceived as socially equal. Well, just like in the Soviet Gulag perceived KGB criminals. This is my intuitive guess starts lately increasingly filled with convincing evidence.

But first a few words about our brave allies. Side-by-side battle with the us on the side of Al-Assad two frostbitten Shiite terrorist organization-the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. " Battling this whole wonderful Coalition Soldiers-internationalists, not with the "Islamic State" which, having East Syria, does not represent a direct military threat now Damascus and alavitskomu enclave in Lattakia. First of all, with opposition rebels, Assad tesnâŝimi his wrinkled army on the borders of the enclave. The political objective of the allies was to destroy physically the opposition and put the world in a dilemma: only two remained in Syria-Assad subject and "Islamic State", take your pick.

Russian Aviation, for example, systematically bombed "some tribes" (as deigns to speak Mr. Putin) ethnically close to Turks turkmanov whose only crime is that they rebelled against the "legitimate" executioner Assad is systematically destroying Sunni population. And what kind of reaction we expect in this case from Turkey? It is clear that Turkey cannot stand up for turkmanov. And here we are-why so vrubilis′ for "legitimate"?

(…) It would be interesting to hear finally Commander-in-Chief of the answer to the question, what is the purpose of a significant portion of these masked jihadists throughout the country, the FSB carefully and sent to the Middle East? To them it was more convenient to destroy there during the tests the newest military equipment that run from the Caspian Sea?

And finally, what kind of fight Putin with "Islamic State" on distant borders or short can talk after the famous dispatches "interlocutor" from November 21, as usual, based on reliable sources in the top political leadership of the country:

"The main beneficiary of trade igilovskoj oil and, hence, the main sponsor of the IGILa is a Syrian President Assad." In these barrels, who bring not just oil-there is the blood of our citizens. This is not, I said. And not Venediktov. It rightly stressed the President of the Russian Federation V.v. Putin.

So why are these barrels with Russian blood reach our friend and comrade who invited Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, our troops? And we not only his business pokrovitel′stvuem, our Foreign Ministry even kryševal him until very recently, banning, referring to the norms of international law, the French bomb crafts "Islamic State" without permission "legitimate" Assad. What a marvelous joint venture prohibited in Russia GAM and not banned yet, unfortunately, Assad and Putin!

This could be and finish the analysis of the motives, which have guided the Putin group, deep into a war in the Middle East. But there is the report "interlocutor" with "ship of fools" another very characteristic sketching from nature, important for understanding the philosophy of these characters. The need for permanent television war is not being discussed, without it, the regime no longer survive. And then busily weighed the options:

"If you go to fight in the Ukraine, will have the West against itself. And if you're going to fight to Syria, you have the West with them. Establishing the "anti-Hitler coalition", you will return to the Club great. Yes God is with her, with Ukraine, let it there, the Donetsk Lugansk somehow there ashes, are rotting. But we will provide service to the West, Obama, the European Union ".

That is our čistokonkretnye boys gathered to throw everything: they believed enthusiasts "Russian world", which, by the way, methodically shoot in Donbass; stupid and trusovatyh pindosov, to whom they will be as valuable military services sell pacifier "anti-Hitler coalition"; Russian soldiers and officers who have to really die for real war; peaceful Russian citizens, which will blow up in the air and on the ground-and which has already blown the real terrorists.

But by providing a service, will be able to securely protect lodges in Seychelles, Bahamas, Florida, holdings in American, Swiss, Austrian banks from too close attention to financial intelligence hated, but always attractive United States and the European Union.

Different war fought in its history, Russia-and domestic, and such, which I would not like to remember. But maybe there was still a war so vile, so false and so frankly looped on personal self-interest of the dictator and his entourage. And doomed it to failure. Because it is, in principle, no definition of victory. Because it is not hooked it people's consciousness. Volunteers are not precipitated by military enlistment offices and recruiting centres. Despite the horse dose injected from tv towers Imperial drug people are silent.

This is the second metaphysical authorities attempting to defeat deflowered his people. Short-term euphoria "Krymnaš" not resulted in a sanction, "father of the nation" an endless war "protection of hybrid ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers" throughout the former Soviet Union. To call fake Imperial pipes responded only prohanovy and duginy, holmogorovy and ohlobystiny, prilepiny and šahnazarovy. Not supported by the overwhelming majority of Russians-both in Ukraine and in Russia's idea of Novorossiya is rapidly skukožilas′ before "abscess" separatist territories in Eastern Ukraine.

I strongly disagree with the popular liberal glamorous Wednesday meme-15% Advanced "cream of the nation" is opposed by 85% "Imperial vatnikov". Look at the freaks, the daily frenzy at rotten show. No there mythical working "Uralvagonzavod". Among the generating insane meanings "experts" nearly all were just from the social Wednesday, which deems itself the "cream of the nation". This Wednesday is the responsibility of the Russian disaster at the beginning of the 21st century.

Two foreign policy defeats in a row for the dictatorship with hopelessly stagnant economies is already overkill. This holes below the waterline. "Ship of fools"-or, in our case, rather "sycophants" ship-sinking into the abyss of the year 2016.

Crimea. Realities

Andrei piontkovsky,

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