Anti-Russian sentiment in Armenia are growing


Armenian political scientist Igor Muradyan, known for his critical views on Russia, said that geopolitically highlighted resonant crime in Gyumri.

According to him, the extradition and punishment of the Russian soldier who killed Armenian family, for Moscow are undesirable "for two reasons. "First and foremost is that it cannot afford to make this man one minute was not in their hands, because he knows a lot. Secondly, to allocate it almost impossible, because there is an agreement on the base, and the base is Russian territory, this person a citizen of Russia, although the crime has been committed on our soil, "the expert said.

What should I do? It is necessary to cancel the contract or convert it. The Treaty is absolutely ridiculous, it's been modified several times. In the current situation, in which very much change in world politics, to sign the Treaty before the 44-th year, or something like that, irresponsibly, but, nevertheless, it signed, "he continued.

Mooradian noted that Russia is not afraid that Armenia can have different position, she feared that Armenia will be used in someone else's game. "And going on. Antirussian moods in Armenia are rising is a fact. Why this is happening, there are a lot of questions. Can Russia be ally Armenia in the current situation? She is in isolation and blockade and looking for possible allies in the face of other countries, including Turkey and Azerbaijan, and for her now very valuable these two paying States. The Russo-Turkish Alliance looming, "acknowledged expert.

"For us it's just death and all understand this," he added. "Russia is our enemy referred to Azerbaijan on four or five billion advanced weapons, not asking us. So behaves ally, bearing in mind our situation? This is not an ally, "outraged Muradyan.

He believes that ally Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan deterrent force now supports the Western community, not Russia, that is the "enemy".

"Now the big strategy is built diagonally-Black Sea-Georgia-Armenia-Iran. A frantic pace Iran resolve its relationship with the West, and events in Mesopotamia have shown that Iran is an ally of the West and the United States. Russia will not be allowed there-it will not in any way in the Middle East, "said Muradn, noting that Turkey does everything more and more becomes the enemy of the West, an opponent of NATO," and this should take, and then we will find ourselves in a hole ", reports the" echo of the Caucasus ".

A slightly different perspective on the nature of statements in Gyumri adheres to the famous Armenian actor Ike Marutyan (Kargin Aiko). "Today gûmrijcy showed the world that a citizen may defend the interests and the honour of his State, and today's silence proved that Armenians never go the way of nationalist hatred that already tried to hang on to us foreign media," wrote Marutyan in his Facebook.

The actor said that the proud inhabitants of the city. "I want you to know that we are all with you in silence expect the transfer of an offender to the Armenian side. But I want to warn that silently-did not mean humbly, "he stressed. "This silence at any time turn into a Creek if the killer of our sisters and brothers won't get installed by our State penalties. <…> Leaders of our State, I would be asked to decide: whether they are citizens or tourists? "

12 January 6 family members in Gyumri, Avetisânov found dead from gunshot wounds. One of those killed the little girl. The only survivor-6-month-old boy, transferred for treatment in Yerevan, stable condition.

The main suspect-a Russian soldier Valeriy Permyakov. It found in the Armenian-Turkish border, were arrested and charged under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

The decision to conduct the investigation, the Russian side has caused outrage among the public. Among those detained in Gyumri was and Muradian.


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