Arkady Babchenko: Hold, Vova. "We are not there" in Turkish


Think about food and pejzane-that's the entire toolset of geopolitical influence "energy superpower"

The day when Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24, is the point of bifurcation. It was supposed to happen. Sooner or later, tv inevitably collides with reality. And inevitably she loses.

On his downed warplane, virtually a declaration of war, Russia banned poultry supplies and replied to ban tourists holidaying in Turkey. Think about food and pejzane-that's the entire toolset of geopolitical influence "energy superpower", which she was able to put up when it really came down to it.

And it's not even in the military force-military power, Russia is still there. That this situation has become possible in principle. It's hard to imagine that Turkey knocks an American fighter, and States in response Russia banned import of chicken, right? This is not possible. But with Russia-perhaps. Putin went to all fifteen years. Instead of trying to really build a strong legal and economic state; real, not vnutritelevizionnogo player on the world market, which are considered, and venerated-all these fifteen years Putin has been doing everything possible to end up with a spit in the face from the Turks. Built-built finally built. Erdogan one missile sent Russia to the "third world countries", and all the iskanders were powerless.

Putin went to all fifteen years

Because it turned out to be not at all in them. The collapse of the myth will be very painful. Perhaps the bloodiest. But, in any case, very's. A pleasant laugh "Iskanderam".

Tayyip Erdogan stated that "If the Turkish air force Su-24 did not know that the Russian plane. Yup, all were poor, whose same it shoot planes repeatedly violated our airspace around the Russian airbase in Latakia? Already and the Russian Ambassador was summoned and warned a hundred times and protest. Americans? The French? Englishmen? Well here cannot understand. Certainly, not Russia. No, not that you couldn't even think. Who does this instead of figačit all-IGIL our turkomenov, the opposition, the Kurds? Who is on the Russian stars smeared with dryers razbabahal thousand five hundred "command posts" IGIL 200 kilometres from the nearest igilovca? Stopudovo Americans. Everybody knows that the Americans bolt hammer on all laws, agreement, coalition air space and warning. For sure, they are. Exactly their style of behavior.

Yes OK, come on sob′em-Americans Americans, we generally linkbacks. Then we will understand. Well, to ban us Obama chicken trade if it'll survive somehow, that is really there. Or French peasants stop us resorts to send.

Yes. Just so everyone was. We believe in.

But seriously, everything they preotlično understand, including effects. Let's not children. "We are not there" in Turkish. Keep, Vova. It's not us. As you sow, so shall you reap.

There were two options-either Syria or Russia, but Erdogan has decided that there is no difference-both of those can be figačit′ without special effects, putting Russia at one level with Syria. That's the entire weight of the "superpower".


Arkady Babchenko,

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