Arkady Babchenko-second front. Russia again comes to rake


War is such a thing, where in addition to your will is also the will of the enemy

That's really amazing in these individuals is their tremendous confidence that they live in a one-dimensional world. Where there is only one measurement-measurement. Where everything is subject only to their desires. And will only be in the way they want to.

Here's Pušilin said that the war in the Donbass is finished. That is, we came, depressed part of someone else's territory, broke her broken, destroyed the economy, created under three million refugees and internally displaced persons, destroyed everything that can be destroyed, looted everything you can razvorovat′, and woke up this morning and decided, Oh, everything, the war was over. Disagree, guys.

Yes really? Let us, I'll try to explain. War is such a thing, where in addition to your will is also the will of the enemy. And your two will-how would it say softer, sometimes may not be the same.

So, Ukraine will not coincide with the will of your DNI/LNR. Will Ukraine to return the occupied territories under its control, restore its statehood and sovereignty, end the terrorism and extremism, restore the legal framework and the rule of law throughout the territory of their country and end this once and for all.

Why did you decide that this time money without coffins?

Ukraine while kupirovala your a hornet's nest. Arrangements by Lee, whether negotiations, Norman Lee Quartet, Debal′cevskim whether pot tragedy in Ilovaysk, Stalingrad at the airport, the courage and sacrifice of its soldiers, powerful Etihad movement, build civil society, the eruption of self-consciousness of the nation, this terrible, bloody, but still experiences war, breakdown of your "summer offensive" under Mar′inkoj, the breakdown of Mariupol, one and a half years of fighting, deaths, victories, defeats, negotiations and signatures-one way or another, diplomacy and battles , cunning and perseverance, but kupirovala.

"Soul ND pulls body MI put," you are warned. You said, right?

So, gentlemen. This was only the first episode. Yes, she is, at this point, and indeed finished. But the second series will be required. Can not even a doubt. If the territory was not able to build its own statehood-and you are not able, because Cook, sometime after the first of the series surely come second. And it will end only when the Ukrainian army leaves on its border, and recover there the Ukrainian flag. And it is sure to be. And it will be relatively soon. That's when war in the Donbass and the truth will be finished.

Chechnya, which you so love to insinuate and mention that this could teach. Or here is Vladimir Putin. "We are under no circumstances will participate in ground operations in Syria," he said. Generals explain to someone its Supreme Allied Commander, that he is already involved in ground operations in Syria. He had already entered the army. That in Tartous and Latakia are our troops. That the creation of databases and the diversion of forces to protect them-is already a military operation.

Or he meant that "we will not participate in offensive ground operations"? And … Well, since this is such a case. "The war is such a thing, where in addition to your will, there is a will" (and hereinafter, see. above). You will not engage in offensive operations you will participate in offensive operations against you.

Let us, I will try to describe the situation. Syria bombed for four years. And the United States, and France, and Turkey and all those who are not lazy. Four years radical Islamists dream reached up to "big Evil" (United States), which manages all of this.

But you can't reach it, because "Great Satan" is clever. It's far away. It is not suitable for a distance of retaliation. He arrives, bombs and flies away. And it's incredibly furious pumping situation and increases the degree of temper tantrums, causes the desire to kill someone in response.

And here at arm's length, right at hand, there is a "Small Satan" (us) and says, "Hi, guys! I came! Now I too will you bomb! Here is my database, it has only one and a half thousand people! She only forty kilometers from your positions! And I will support your worst enemy, strikes are not there to destroy the wrong city on the first day will kill innocent people. "

What do you think will happen in this case?

In razvorošennoe the hornet's nest you entered a small contingent, which can now reach hand concentrated tension that was scattered throughout the region, several pockets, at one point-to its base, and gave a remarkable ideological underpinnings of jihadists is the "Small Satan" together with the hated Iran. Here it is, invading infidels to our land! Created point of Jihad, voltage point war beyond belief, provided an opportunity for jihadists to point you finger and say "here it is", and insolently confidently declare: "we will not participate in ground operations.

My God! Yes what you took that you will not?

Look again in Chechnya, which, however, it is clear, nothing you have not taught (studied material could consolidate Ukraine, but you then, damn, they). 26th of November, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four, scattered, warring with each other on the principle of "all against all"-exactly what is happening now in Syria-Chechen tejpovye groups instantly joined together against a common enemy, the infidels who came on their land, burned the tank column with crews Kantemirovskoj Division, which became the rallying point. Jihad, then away we go and things went on for fifteen years.

With what you have decided that this will not happen in this case?

This is already happening. Saudi Arabia has already urged to unite against Iran (Shi'a)-Russian invasion. Members of their clergy already declare Jihad. Yes, they declare Jihad constantly and all those who can. But the problem is that all there overseas, abroad, on the decks of avianesuŝej group from bases in Turkey. Somewhere where they don't get it. While you are here, where to get, you can at least try to. And reports of bombing in Latakia base have already begun to appear. Only on the fourth day.

Yes, you now plan to equip the army with Assad and send it to the offensive, and the United States plan to arm the opposition army and send it into a second offensive front. If successful, OK. And if not? That's what, damn, if not? With what you have decided that this time everything will go smoothly and solely on your script?

Okay, even if it happens, then what? Here are defeated you and IGIL? What's next? Jihad declared power? War with the opposition, supported by the United States? The confrontation with the world? The second Afghan, another ten years of war and a new breakdown of the country?

What if necessary merge Assad, Putin did not hesitate as he merged "Novorossiju", I have no doubt. But even in this case, then what? Why did you decide that as soon as you see his plans fulfilled as the war finished, likewise consider and all around?

Yes, you now allow you to get into this war with a head-gladly allow-because its infantry into this hornet's nest send nobody wants. And if there's a fellow who himself voluntarily, will send back their citizens-Okey, for God's sake, let no one else will.

But the Coalition, as only considers their objectives achieved, simply stops flights, will come out of the war by clicking your fingers. And you? As from this war will leave you? How will you withdraw your base? Or will not? And consolidate the base and have a purpose? Once again podnagadit′ in sneaker pindosam in the Middle East?

Then why did you decide that this country is falling apart and not the fact that there will be a further, don't have to then send the guard to protect the database? Then protection for protection, then a limited contingent of Soviet troops, then don't notice how already raced on the new and all on the same grablâm?

Why did you decide that rakes in this time will be different? Why did you decide that this time money without coffins? The world is not odnomeren. We live in a four-dimensional Universe. Explain them to someone already.

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Arkady Babchenko,

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