Bowsers IGIL and ringing of Crystal Castles in RUSSIA


Over the past year and a half, Russian propaganda diligently vystraivala image circle of friends Putin and Russia. This circle included countries such as China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Turkey, and other. With Turkey was a priority three "friends", and the attention it has received more than enough, especially after the launch of the project "Turkish stream.

But Russia, like the clumsy elephant in a China shop, krušaŝij all around him, including Crystal Castles, who himself built it all the time. And smashes it all quite hysterically and irrevocably, to the eyes of a much more cautious owner of this most shops, coffee and snack popivaûŝego Rahat lukumom.

Highly controversial move in the strategy of the information offensive on Turkey can truly be considered an accusation of Russians in Ankara address regarding its support of the IGIL and trade with terrorists. Let me remind you that this version immediately appeared in the Russian media, after the first pilot shot down by a Su-24 landed cargo on 200 breathless sinful Syrian land. Then propaganda offensive was aimed at the President's son, Bilal Erdogan of Turkey, which was cited as evidence of his photo in the company of famous brothers victualers Kember has in Istanbul. But Russian media interpreted these were warlords IGIL.

Later version of the involvement of the family trading schemes that Erdogan IGIL talking and at the highest level, in particular, those words sounded by President Putin and the entire political elite, Whitestone. In its turn, the Kremlin flatly refused to provide proof of this connection, simply stating its a fact. But that all changed yesterday, when, during the meeting of the DEFENSE MINISTRY of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION suddenly announced the involvement of Erdogan to oil trade with the IGIL and lists (and what about mystique?) supposedly evidence of this interaction (managed to glue the dirt).

But, what is most striking is that, it turns out, the DEFENSE MINISTRY of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION every two months of warfare in its formations Syria fought the refining industry of terrorists and destroyed 32 oil complex and 11 plants! Surprisingly, before about such moments have been reported.

Still amazing and how Russia all the time, knowing the involvement of insidious Erdogan to the IGIL, could it support so friendly, almost brotherly relations. before the first knocked down drying? But in a highly spiritual media don't pay attention, and combat tank trucks on the cutting edge! With all this information that accompanies this orgy of confrontation, I very strongly reminiscent of another recent, not yet completed stories of Russian zaletov-destruction of MN-17.

In principle, the technology is the same. Russia understands that the negative economic effects from this collision will hit primarily by Whitestone. That is why it creates information background, slaughter stream multiple versions, evidence and arguments in favor of the version that Erdogan who is demon in flesh, resulting in a struggle and sacrifice will be acquitted. Almost 100% analogue cluttering up infopotoka with MN-17. That's only one problem with MN-17 rušila regard Russia with hostile "Russian world" rotten capitalist world, and now their ghostly petrol tankers finally brings confrontation with Turkey friendly to the point of no return, naplevav on political dialogue.

What else can you say? And rightly so!

zloy_odessit, information resistance-SOUTH

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