Change whether the four Su-35 balance in Syrian skies?

Su-35s only began arriving in Russian
Su-35s only began arriving in Russian

Appearance at the Russian air base in Syria of the newest Su-35s fighters caused a noticeable recovery in the Russian press, especially since, as several major Western periodicals wrote.

In particular, that Russia sends to the Middle East, the newest planes, wrote the German Stern and the American edition of National Interest (the organ of the American Niksonovskogo Center). The last quoted a high-ranking official at the Pentagon, whereas these fighters "excellent and dangerous aircraft, especially if Russia will build them in large numbers".

The official likened the Su-35 with American planes, particularly F-15 c and F/A-18E, saying they would be "on the throat worries with them." Stern is also very flattering about the virtues of the Su-35, calling him the best fighter after the American F-22.
However, despite the fact that the analysis was limited mostly to the comparison with American planes, most publications believed that the main cause of the fighters in Syria was the tension in relations between Turkey and Russia.

Russian experts also believe that the use of the Su-35 in combat situation is, on the one hand, his tests, on the other-advertising way, because the plane has been on the international arms market.

Strengthening air group

Relations between Russia and Turkey worsened after at the end of November, the Turkish AIR FORCE shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber on the Turkish-Syrian border November 24, 2015 year.

A Russian bomber was shot down a Turkish F-16 c fighter aircraft, and after this incident, Russia stepped up its military presence in Syria, as well as changed the tactics application of shock now aircraft bombers and ground attack aircraft during combat sorties are accompanied by Russian and Syrian fighters.

The Russian airbase stationed four fighter jet Su-30, Su-27SM as much, and now they were joined by four more Su-35s.

Moreover, when Turkey again accused Russia of violating its airspace (Russia rejects these accusations), it was already about bomber Su-34, more modern aircraft, established on the basis of the Su-27 fighter and has the possibility to conduct air combat.

"We can talk about strengthening the forces, which are intended to gain supremacy in the air. This is certainly a political-military gesture towards Turkey, "said in an interview with the BBC military Ribbon. Ru Konstantin Bogdanov, commenting on the emergence of Su-35s in Syria.

He also noted that the emergence of Russian fighters coincided with increased action of Syrian troops in the province of Aleppo, which borders with Turkey. Perhaps, the expert thinks, Russia fears a Turkish intervention in this operation.
"The emergence of four quite modern aircraft looks like a war[Турции]ning to air there's nothing moved," said Bogdanov.

The outcome is unpredictable

However, according to Bogdanov, speculate on the outcome of the fighting collision of Russian and Turkish fighter aircraft in the sky cannot. "On this topic there are an enormous number of settlements of varying degrees of engagement," he said.
Editor-in-Chief of the "export of arms" Andrey Frolov also said that it is not worth and try to analyze how can unfold.

"Four planes, even if it is an F-22 will not make such weather amid powerful enemy, as Turkey. Besides, we all know that no matter how many there Su-35 or t-50, or Su-30, Su-27 or, if the Russian and Turkish airplanes begin to shoot at each other, no matter what quality and quantity that they will then clearly everything goes in a different plane. Here the characteristics of the individual aircraft played a small role, "the expert said.

However, he believes that the high performance of the Su-35 may reduce the risk in a situation similar to that in which the Su-24 was shot down.

The basis of fighter of the Turkish air force fleet are the F-16 c fighters various series (modernized in accordance with the programmes ' block-30 "," 40 "and" 50 "), which are produced under licence in Turkey. All USAF to 240 such fighters.

It's quite modern aircraft, especially the version of "block-50", which is produced from the beginning of 90-ies and still.


Experts believe that the Russian Defense Ministry, in addition to the tasks of strengthening the factions that want more and try the Su-35, which only began arriving in troops in actual combat conditions.

"They clearly will use the dense air environment, both in terms of aerial targets, and radio equipment, including electronic warfare, in order to check how the aircraft behaves in such dense air campaign," said Konstantin Bogdanov.

According to him, developers interested in working aircraft radar and other electronic equipment: "As he discovers the typical goal of NATO and how to find it?".

Andrey Frolov, in turn, believes that after the operation in Syria and will increase the export potential of the Su-35, because the aircraft already will be considered proven in combat conditions that highly regarded arms market.

"In view of the fact that in the year 2015 was the first export contract is signed, his fighting status in the eyes of potential clients increases," the expert said.


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