UN General Assembly supported the integrity of Ukraine


UN General Assembly endorsed a resolution text which recognizes the inviolability of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

For a resolution voted 100 UN Member States voted against 11 countries led by Russia, reported ukrainska Pravda.

A large part of countries, led by China, abstained — 58 countries.

The authors of this Ordinance made by Germany, Canada, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

Subsequently, the sponsor asked for another large number of countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Norway and others.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andrei Deŝica said at the meeting that the resolution raises the question of the need for the United Nations.

"If you vote for this resolution, then you support Charter on the establishment of the UN, if you vote against is nothing good would not be," said Deŝica.

The Russian representative to the United Nations Churkin repeated a set of positions of Russia. New in his speech was just the accusations of Ukraine is that in the House of trade unions on the Maidan has been the headquarters of the Embassy of the United States and it is from this House allegedly shot at people and law-enforcers on the Maidan.

The EC representative expressed the unequivocal support of all the countries of the Union of Ukraine's territorial integrity and condemned Russia's use of force to solve their international interests.

The representative of the United States explained that the resolution affirms that "the border actually exist.

"We support the right of Ukraine, and we respect its law, because it is the right of all of us," she said.

The representative of Japan said that "it is not a question of Ukraine or Europe, because any use of force to change borders is a challenge to the whole world."

The Chinese representative said that his country does not wish to increase confrontation.

According to him, it is now a lot of players have shown their interests in Ukrainian situation.

China, however, offers to take into account the views of all stakeholders, and this resolution, in its opinion, may exacerbate the situation.

China proposed the creation of an international coordinating mechanism for a political solution of the Ukrainian situation.


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