The Kremlin, communist influence through their agents, continues to rock the Moldovan State


In Sunday, February 2, in the South of Moldova, Gagauz autonomy consultative referendum took place. Local authorities have offered the residents of the region to speak out about the foreign policy of the country, making a choice between integration into the customs or the European Union. For residents of the autonomy of choice was obvious in the distributed anonymous leaflets, according to the "Kommersant-MD", stated that the Customs Union is millions of jobs, lowering electricity prices at 30%, for gas doubled and even tripled gasoline. Integration into the European Union was equal to unemployment, a rise in electricity at 40%, petrol at 80%. An alternative view was not provided. Campaigning began long before the publication of the text of the association agreement with the EU in the State and Russian languages.

Ad total local vote local Cec postponed to Wednesday. According to preliminary data, the turnout exceeded 70 percent, though just a week and a half before the vote by the National Assembly (Parliament) lowered the threshold of up to 33%. Moldova's membership in the Customs Union supported 98.4%. Accession to the EU is 2.77% supported.

Referendum results void. The Court considered it illegal, the Prosecutor General's Office Gagauzia opened several criminal cases under article "Arbitrariness".

Subtext held plebiscite explained Nikolai Chirtoaca, Director of the independent Institute for strategic studies.

What is the meaning of referendum, the outcome of which was a foregone conclusion, both in terms of legal legitimacy and its results?

Nicolae Chirtoaca: the result of the referendum is the result of certain political manipulation, intimidation of the local population is exactly the European prospect. In fact, this high degree of politicization of the process of the preparation of this plebiscite, i.e. the last six months, the local population strongly manipulated, scaring the prospect of rapprochement with Brussels. Supposedly, Moldova, approaching with the EU pays part of sovereignty to Brussels, and it is hardly tantamount to the fact that it gives her the freedom to Bucharest. And naturally, that provide fuel to the fire and the Declaration of the President of the neighbouring country, which prepares itself a political platform that you intend to use once it completes a second mandate, and much more.

The insistence of the Governor (the highest official of Gagauzia) and deputies said that the purpose was purely political. Within a month, which we will, we will see how brazenly and cynically will use such concepts related to distant Soviet past as voleizliânie people and the majority will press that more than 90% of Gagauzia favour, etc. all this is consistent with the arguments that leads the separatist Transnistria. That is the aim and goal is to instigate a political campaign involving Communist and, in General, the left opposition, several small parties, which used as lot satellites, in order to put pressure on the population and try to somehow create a political confrontation, trying to strengthen his inside Moldova and not allow ratification of the current parliamentary majority and the Government of the association treaty with the European Union.

By the way, already heard proposals for similar plebiscites throughout the country. In this context, it begs the question, the situation in neighbouring Ukraine and Moldova could spill over?

Nicolae Chirtoaca: hold such Parallels, at least ungrammatical, and I would say even missing the mark. Much more important at the moment what is happening in the Communist Party, which has always expressed itself as a party of Patriots of Moldova. But the fact that the Communist Party, which started his political career as capable, now is pushing the Moldovan State and virtually holding so-called referenda illegal attempts to earn some capital illogically, betting on separatism, this is paranoia. Focus of this party in power is so great that they are ready to go almost on a territorial split in Moldova only to this wave of return to power again.

The same question was asked and the Executive Director of Association for democracy through participation "ADEPT", Igor Bocanu.

The signing of the association agreement falls at the peak of an informal campaign for the parliamentary elections in Moldova, they must take place by the end of the year. There is a risk that Moldova expects the Ukrainian scenario? Protest will leave Eurosceptics are?

Igor Botan: risk protests naturally present. It's quite obvious. We see that the Communist Party initiates a similar referendum Cahul. It seems that where they have a majority, they will do it. Will protest will go out. But whether the events evolve in the Ukrainian scenario, it is hard to imagine. We see that the Government is prepared to put pressure on the Communist Party. We can only guess what kind of will that pressure. So my answer is: the risk of protests there, but not the fact that they will pass on the Ukrainian scenario.

Moldova's rapprochement with the European Union just heightened the contradiction between the official Chisinau with Tiraspol. From both banks of the Nistru River now regularly denounced unilateral actions. In such circumstances, began its work the new Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office Radojko Bogoevič. At a press conference on the results of the evaluation visit, the diplomat did not grandstanding about the priorities of his mandate. "My main goal is to support the negotiation process, that it was" alive, "Bogoevič said.

This year will be held 5 rounds of negotiations in the format "+2" 5. The next meeting will be held from 27 to 28 February in Vienna. It is curious that this year's first round of talks was scheduled to be alternately held in Chisinau and Tiraspol.

Last week was marked by the visit to Moldova and Rapporteur of the Commission on the European Parliament's civil liberties Thani Fayon. In Chisinau the MEP from Slovenia answered a long-standing question about when the Moldovan citizens will be able to travel freely within the Schengen area. According to Fayon, a decision will be taken before the elections to the European Parliament, in July, it will enter into force, but with a caveat-if all goes according to plan. "

Gagauziya-little autonomy in southern Moldova.
Live there, mostly Gagauz. It's people with Turkic roots, speaking the language, very close to the Turkish. But, unlike the vast majority of Turks, Gagauz-Orthodox Christians.
But the Gagauz autonomy interest not this. And how it is arranged.
It has its own flag, emblem, anthem. Its Parliament (Assembly of Gagauzia/Halk Toplusu/), who is elected by majority constituencies (and the Moldovan Parliament-proportional), its head-the Governor, elected by direct universal suffrage (and Moldovan President elect Parliament). The Governor is also a member of the Moldovan Government.
In Gagauzia-three official languages: Moldovan (IE Romanian), Russian and Gagauz. But outsourcing is conducted in Russian, and Russian dominance over other languages in everyday life is evident.
Gagauz politicians unhappy with the fact that they are very poorly represented in Government at the federal level, the Moldovan officials-prevalence of Russian in Gagauzia, although, as they say, there are all conditions for its development, the Gagauz culture and traditions.
Like much of the country, the Republic of Moldova live by farming. This means that lives in poverty.


In the village there is almost no families in which one or two people would not have been abroad-at work. "Earn money, then in the summer will come to buy building materials, home and wants to leave again." Go back to Turkey, Russia or Western Europe-earning. Many travel in Istanbul: "there's a lot of our language we know and work is"..


In the city, apparently to live not so hard. Gagauzia helps Turkey-builds and improves infrastructures-roads and running water, helps Russia, and from the central budget to acclaim, too. But we have seen empty factories, zakoločennye …


Opposite the Government building-Lenin.




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