"Putin WILL BE OVERTHROWN through 10 DAYS: Azerbaijan AGAINST RUSSIA and Crimea


From observations of publications MEDIA Baku, it becomes clear that from the very beginning of the events in Ukraine, they are the object of discussion in the Azerbaijani information field no less than Ukraine itself. Without exaggeration we can say that almost all of the media in Azerbaijan are special hatred for Russia and its President. Putin. These publications page izobiliût caricatures of Putin and hostile attacks in the Russian Federation. It should be noted that the official media behave more or less carefully. At the same time, many members of the ruling family have voiced their opinion on the so-called "independent and opposition media, and which differ little from the positions of the opposition forces. This can lead in the future in terms of the future of Russian-Azerbaijani relations, it is not difficult to guess.

Deputies of the Parliament of Azerbaijan: events in Crimea-occupation

According to the site "Media forum", at a meeting of Parliament on 4 March one of Ilham Aliyev's close member Faraj Guliyev called Crimean events occupation and invited the Parliament to send a delegation to Ukraine "to demonstrate our will". In his opinion, "we cannot say that these events have no relationship to us, if we hold positions of the observer, in the future, Ukraine will also be able to remain as an observer in the Karabakh issue.

In an interview with the newspaper "Yeni Musavat" oficioznyj member of Rasim Musabekov argues that "indulgence towards Russia, including on the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh, over recent years have led to this situation, bearing in mind the events in Ukraine and around her.

In his opinion, "if Russia will not be expelled from Ukraine if Russia there is your goal, then damage to Azerbaijan from this will be bigger than from the Nagorno-Karabakh issue. Accordingly, it calls on the leadership of AR for caution in their actions. "In short, for Russia's neighbors, Azerbaijan-the danger is real.

"I wouldn't project events in Ukraine in the South Caucasus. But, of course, Russia's actions are totally unacceptable in the eyes of the entire international community, and they will make the conflict Russia's relations with the West and Turkey will increase. And taking into account the fact that our region is adjacent to Russia, anyway this conflict can create tensions. And somehow it will all be projected on the South Caucasus. If unacceptable actions by Russia in Ukraine will not be repulsed, do not exclude, that pressure from Russia to Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan may increase. We need to see all the possible risks this situation. " About it in the newspaper, said Rasim Musabekov "echo".

Today Azerbaijan doesn't explode for Russia, said the portal Avropa.info another mp Aydin Mirzazada. He doesn't believe in the dismemberment of Ukraine, but nonetheless believes "reality its federalization, and considers acceptable for Ukraine," the Swiss version. "It is wrong to think that the Ukrainian events can have a serious influence on the post-Soviet countries," thinks Deputy of Parliament Fazil Mustafa (Moderator.az). In his opinion, due to the lack of opportunities for political and military maneuvers, "Russia is trying to implement a Syriac version in Ukraine».

Mp Vahid Ahmadov sure processes in Ukraine from the very beginning there were dictated by Russia. " In his opinion, "this was not only a struggle between democracy and dictatorship, and it was a struggle for power, and the struggle for Ukraine between Russia and the West. With regard to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Belarus, the Ukrainian event «had opened for them the path to European integration ", and" put into archive plans of those forces in Azerbaijan who tried to turn the country into a part of the Russian Empire. This means for all of us, "Karabakh, strong economy, social justice, better life and brighter future."

The leader of the Umid party, Igbal Agazade mp in his statements is showing more aggressiveness towards Russia. He was confident that "Ukraine is actually saved by those States which were retreating before the Russian threat". He odnaznačno said that "against the background of Ukrainian events South Caucasus gained relative calm." In his opinion, "these events mean the end of the Eurasian Union." Because after that "Azerbaijan will not be in the Eurasian Union".

According to the head of the Executive Office of the Umid party Nasimi Mammadov, "regardless of the outcome of the intervention in the Affairs of the Ukraine, Russia will increase pressure on Azerbaijan.

The pro-Government party of democratic reforms under the leadership of governmental mp Azim MOLLAZADE made a special statement, which expressed "concern about the recent developments in the territory of a close friend and ally of Ukraine», newspaper" Yeni Musavat ". The Party believes that "these developments pose a threat to other post-Soviet countries, vybravŝih the path to integration to the West", that "unacceptable methods of pressure on Russia." "We think the international community, including also Azerbaijan, should not remain indifferent to this process and have to raise their voice of protest. It is also important from the point of view of the direction of the international community's attention to the fact of occupation of the territory of Azerbaijan with support of Russia ".

Mp Zahid Oruj Oficioznyj in his interview to "Yeni Musavat" claims that the Ukrainian events become "headache for Putin".

The head of the Azerbaijani National Center research analyst Natiq Nuri thinks "incorrectly stated that in connection with the conflict between world powers created favourable conditions for action by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh. Because the United States ' purpose is to dismember Russia in small States "rather than Ukraine. While he was confident that "no State supported Russia." But, even so, "revitalization of Azerbaijan in Karabakh front can turn against us." He was confident that "the Russian authorities took a wrong decision, which in the future will be able to encourage the dismemberment of Russia."

In an interview with political scientist vafa guluzade Portal Teleqraf.com at all sure that "Russia will fizzle within 10 days, and Putin will be overthrown." In his opinion, Putin "understands this, but forced to go for it." Therefore, the game is far from Putin's logic. On the other hand, he stated that "in a global sense, these events will affect all countries, including Azerbaijan. Rest assured that, as a result of the confrontation with the West, Russia would split up, and then the Nagorno-Karabakh problem finds its solution. It will take place at the earliest possible time. I personally don't believe in victory of Russia. I just don't see the potential for victory. Vafa guluzade also said haqqin.az that after what happened in the Crimea, hardly anyone would believe Putin.

Pro-Government journalist Akbar Hasanov from haqqin.az and this time scored a special originality in its lunges towards Russia and Putin specifically. In his view, "the low level of militancy of the Ukrainian army has a very simple explanation. The fact of the matter is that asked Russia to send troops to Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych de facto was never the President of Ukraine. He served as a Kremlin stooge. Who was interested in weakening, if not the collapse of the Ukrainian army. Profit was in the pocket of Yanukovych and his Family Russian appointees. And most importantly-the prepared staging area for maximum comfort the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine. What we are seeing now. "

Appreciating the coup in Ukraine as "oligarhičeskuû revolution", Akber Hasanov States that "these Ukrainian oligarchs now and takes revenge on the Russian side. It is obvious already that Ukraine did not go to the Customs Union, which was quite possible in the Future. Skinuvšie Yanukovich, oligarchs have deprived the Russian side quite expected profits. In addition, it is obvious that Ukraine soon will move toward membership in the European Union. And European integration can have negative economic consequences for Russia. But "Putin puts pressure on those who have deprived and may deprive the huge profits and assets of the Russian oligarchs, who are working on it. Quite possibly, he believes that captured the Crimea will be decent compensation for the loss of Ukraine. If not financially, then at least moral.

Political analyst Rasim Agayev noted in "echo", that "the impact of the events in Ukraine corresponds to the magnitude of what is happening. If Russia would be able to find some political solution with Ukrainians, it is fraught with translation effects on the territory of Russia and, respectively, across a broad front … the case will get to the federalization of Ukraine». However Rasim Agayev noted that while the direct impact of developments in Ukraine, the South Caucasus and Azerbaijan, in particular, no. "Unless in minds." He thinks that "scramble for the Crimea and the threat of it escalating to full Ukrainian-Russian war with the inevitable SAG Nezaležnoj into civil in context seems Károly heaven blessing from Moscow for indulgence towards the separatist Nagorno-Karabakh.

Head of Centre for policy innovation and technology Mubariz Ahmedogly suddenly for Hora governmental "echo" newspaper said that official Baku is worth a little wait before voice position on the recognition or non-recognition of the new Ukrainian authorities.

Sidgi Shevket on haqqin.az evaluates occurring around Ukraine events as "geopolitical poker" and "Crimean adventure of President Putin, who will meet the" more realistic projections that presaged the Kremlin agrees to annexation of the Crimean peninsula, has not dared to go for direct confrontation, not Ukraine, of course, but with the West that would nullify all the achievements of the "fat" previous years ".

Chorus of political scientists: blame Russia

"Azeris Ukraine ready to defend Ukraine against the Russian occupation. This was stated by the head of the all-Ukrainian public organization "joint diaspora Azerbaijanis Ukraine Khikmet Javadov, of course, directly controlled from Baku.

Javadov had called "occupation" actions of Russia, and said that all the peoples of the Crimea, including 40 thousand Azerbaijanis living in autonomy, have always lived in peace and did not need any "peacekeepers" from Russia (minval.az).

Political analyst Elman Nasirli asserts that "the responsibility for the Crimean events indirectly clearly rests with Russia, which faces the emergence of" serious problems for her, as she faces political disasters "(Moderator.az).

"The decision of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on the legitimization of the troops on the territory of Ukraine, of course, is the inclusion of a green light for the occupation of the territory of sosednogo State," said political analyst Ilgar Moderator.az Altai. This, in his opinion, "comes from the hegemonistic designs of Russia" and demonstrated the "approximation of the Kremlin to absurd aggressive line". Therefore, "all States of the post-Soviet space should worry about this, since this decision the Russian leadership" is a source of tension for the entire region and even the world, and once again demonstrates that the Kremlin believes those States their colonies. But "Turkey and Turkic peoples of the world for the sake of the Crimean Tatars, naturally, will join them, with the result that Russia itself would split up.

Columnist Emil Agayev on haqqin.az claims that "the Russian Tsar Putin zelo oserčal. on Ukraine, and not only on someone there specifically, not on, say, slug Yanukovich or colorless-Evromajdana leaders on the Ukrainian people, who decided to turn away from which promises nothing, no prospects for a better life, Russia toward the prosperous West. Like, what is this for surprises?! Real independence, independence from mother Russia, wanted to? Shish! … Russia provokes in the post-Soviet space, where it is possible the split. And supposedly defending the Russians essentially harm them. What is happening there now, we are seeing. Indeed-Cannon against the Pushkin. Well as how to resist the great Pushkin before cannons Putin, say so, "demon misled by" Imperial "IMP"! … "

Director of the Center for strategic research "East-West" Mr. Arastun Orujlu Portal Moderator.az said that "intervention in Ukraine will be the very serious consequences for Russia itself, could ignite internal separatism in the country. "Russia anywhere fueling separatism".

In another interview to Mr. Arastun Orujlu Modern.az argues that "due to the fact that Russia has already started military interventions in Ukraine, the war can already be considered started. In his opinion, "dumb State have waged war on the battlefield, and smart-on currency markets.

"Putin was involved in extremely dangerous for him. He can no longer retreat without disastrous impact on their image, so in the coming days he will go for a decisive assault. And if you don't win, then his fate is unenviable. Putin in a bad dream could not assume that his aggression has contributed to that, irrespective of the ethnic origin of the Ukrainians feel people. And now he started the war not with the population and with the citizens feel themselves free, "wrote Monday in the newspaper «Zerkalo».

Political analyst Zardusht Alizade eliminates the likelihood of the outbreak of war in the region. Because "it is not in the interest of Russia, Ukraine and the West." "Russia has demonstrated that it can force the power path. Their latest actions Russia proved that have sufficient determination to resist Western operations conducted in bypassing its interests, "he thinks. Zardusht Alizade was confident that tensions between Ukraine and Russia will gradually subside. "Apparently, Crimea will be submitted to a special status, with the right to veto international treaties signed by the Central Government. The issue of federalization of Ukraine-issue solved. Ukraine may appear several autonomous regions, for example, in the East and Galicia can also get their status "(haqqin.az).

Political analyst Arif Yunus believes that Crimea will have roughly the same status as those of Tatarstan, he said. He also admitted that Ukraine will soon become a member of NATO and the EU (haqqin.az).

"Sleuthing" on the Internet, oficioznyj propagandist Rauf Mirkadirov "discovered" that "Putin more often associated with the image of Hitler", and "not only ordinary users of the World Wide Web, and with regret in the shower writes that" Putin shatters Russia. " In the room "mirrors" from 4 March Rauf Mirkadirov said "Putin" fiasco and polzuâs′ case, scolding Turkish experts for "self-deception", associated with the fact that they do not advise authorities to aggravate relations with Russia because of the economic interests of Turkey. "In fact, there is nothing to wonder about. Putin entered not as Commander-in-Chief, and as a resident of intelligence, which of necessity had to sacrifice the agent. It turned out to be no better than Yanukovych, whom ibid. announced a political corpse and "con".

Yuri Reichel in the newspaper "Zerkalo" asserts that "the misinformation are engaged in everything from President Putin to reptil′nyh. In his opinion, the Ukrainian crisis has exposed another side of Russia's policy towards its neighbours. None of them can feel safe. Not in vain, said Bismarck, that no treaty with Russia is not even worth the paper on which it is written. "

The opposition supports the Crimean Tatars against Russia

2 March Classic popular front party leader Mirmahmud Miraliogly in a phone conversation with the leader of the Crimean Tatars, a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mustafa Džemilëvym supported "Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars in their struggle for democracy and integration into the European Union" (Media forum).

The head of the popular front party Ali Kerimli in his Facebook page notes that "we really are witnessing adventures ages or Russia examines reaction of the West." However, the occupation of part of Ukraine will cost Russia dearly. In response to this, in his opinion, the Security Council needs to discuss the situation in Azerbaijan. As far as the Muslim and Turkic population of Russia, their sympathy is on the side of the Crimean Tatar people ", while the" Dagestan and Northern Caucasus increase tendencies to secede from Russia. " He was confident that "the likelihood of war in the region will certainly create problems also for Azerbaijan".

Head of executive apparatus of the Musavat party, Arif Hajili on its facebook page says that "the events in Crimea and in Ukraine as a whole will be able to change the weight of the world order." In such circumstances, he calls to Azerbaijan took attempts to solve the Nagorno-Karabakh problem. "This is a historic opportunity for the liberation of Karabakh," he said.

According to the newspaper "Yeni Musavat", "Russia's interference in Ukraine creates the chance her intervention also in Azerbaijan. The way out of this situation can be an invitation to NATO troops in Azerbaijan. But it is important to know which countries troops can come in Azerbaijan. In this sense, the best could be an invitation to the Turkish troops. Moreover, the so-called "news service" this newspaper is, of course, referring to its reliable sources, the alleged "special plan of the Kremlin on putting its troops in Azerbaijan before the Sochi Olympics, which allegedly had to do another tension reinforcement at the front line.

"Putin" went on the roof? "asks political analyst Zafar Guliyev. He accuses Putin of using the "previous Kremlin experience" disguised intervention ", trying to" recreate the Russian Empire and that he had "Stalin's recommendations" on the flexible form of intervention ", enriching them with a new imperial by Perle-coercion to friendship. That is, at gunpoint Ukraine will be forced to friendship with Russia. " In his opinion, "Putin not only was delusional idea of building a new Russian Empire, not only proceeded to practical intervention steps in this direction, but also himself already sees in the image of the new emperor of all Russia. And it's not just words … Putin has not declared himself emperor, but is already actively undertook the creation of a new Eurasian empire under the diktat of Moscow», which, according to Guliyev, is "neoimperskim March. "Russia, reanimiruâ" ramming "neocolonial policies the Tsarist and Soviet Kremlin, decided (for the second time after the collapse of the Soviet Union) to enter its troops on the territory of a sovereign neighbouring State. He therefore urged the West to stop Moscow.

The head of the NEWS AGENCY Turan Mehman Aliyev is sure that "according to logic, Russia should not get the Crimea".

Saleh Ustadcli wrote on minval.az that "Russia, which invaded Ukraine no longer give Crimea. The war already is, since, there was the invasion and occupation. De facto, this is war. " In his view, the problem in Ukraine is much deeper than it may be at first glance. Her problem is that she osoznaëtsâ the political leadership of Russia as nedogosudarstvo, as a community, which has no national identity. In addition, Ukraine for many Russians, the ancestress of the Russian State. But that's not all, independence is a sonorous slap that Ukrainians publicly otvesili the Russian political elite. That is why Ukraine should not be a successful State, should not be an example … If the West arrives not as Chamberlain with Delad′e in 1938, and it takes a principled position, Russia's economy will collapse in three months.

Besides all this, the opposition forces of Azerbaijan began a propaganda campaign against Professor Rafiq Aliyev, who on the site Vesti.az admitted that "I am ashamed for Azerbaijani youth that scolds in social networks.

on March 5, a group of members of the youth organization of Musavat and the "Nationalist youth", consisting of about two dozen people held a protest in front of the RUSSIAN Embassy in Baku. They chanted: "Ukraine-Crimea", "hands off Ukraine!»
The picketers managed to pass a resolution at the Embassy. Azerbaijani police, widely known for its intolerance to any informal Street gatherings, defiantly not thwarting the youth rally, reports contact.az.

Finally, the party Umid and the democratic cluster "Karabakh" called on Azerbaijani authorities to withdraw from the CIS in protest against Russia's actions in Ukraine, Turan reported.

The Communists of Azerbaijan-Russia

The President of the Azerbaijan Communist Party, Rauf Gurbanov in interview Modern.az expressed full support of Azerbaijani Communists in Russia's position: "I appreciate this step Putin as very tall, correct and timely" because "this is done in order to ensure the safety of the Crimea". In his opinion, "if Russia would have remained indifferent to the fate of its nationals and Slavic peoples, it would be a betrayal.


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