Russian historian Andrei Zubov: All this has already been …

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The Russians! This is a must-read for you now! Read, share this article. Think. Nobody can stop you. Parallels are repeated and you are not on the right side of history. This will lead you to a national catastrophe.

Friends. We are on the doorstep. We are on the threshold of not introducing a new subject in the composition of the Russian Federation. We are on the threshold of a complete collapse of the system of treaties, economic chaos and political dictatorship. We are on the verge of war with our nearest, rodstvennejšim the people of Ukraine, a sharp deterioration of relations with Europe and America, at the dawn of the cold, and perhaps a hot war with them.

All this has already been. Austria. The beginning of March, 1938. The Nazis want to round your Reich at the expense of the other German States. People don't really craves is nobody infringes, no one is discriminated against. But the idea of a greater Germany turns head local Nazi radicals. To put an end to a dispute on the fate of Austria, her Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg Alois Announces on 13 March plebiscite. But national and in Berlin and Vienna, is not satisfied. And all of a sudden people oppose annexation. Chancellor Šušniga forced to resign March 10, in his place, the President appoints the leader of the local Nazis Arthur Zejss-Inquart as and German divisions are meanwhile in the Austrian city at the invitation of the new Chancellor, which he himself learned from newspapers.

Austrian troops surrendered. People or enthusiastically greeted by the Nazis, or irritation from home, or urgently runs in Switzerland. Cardinal Innitcer Austria welcomes and blesses the Anschluss. With March 13 arrests began. Chancellor Schuschnigg was arrested the day before. A plebiscite held April 10. The unification of Germany with Austria voted 99.08%, in Austria, which became the German Empire Ostmark-99.75%.

October 1, 1938 also the half-sister of Germany were reunited with Czech Sudetenland, March 22, 1939 -Lithuanian Klaipeda region turned in one day in the German Memel. All those lands really lived predominantly Germans, many of them really wanted to connect with Hitler's Reich. Overall this reunion was held under the fanfare and shouts of jubilation the madding in šovinističeskom stupor crowd and with the connivance of the West. "We should not cheat, and even more so should not encourage small weak States, promising them protection by the League of Nations and the appropriate steps from our side," said Neville Chamberlain in the British Parliament February 22, 1938 -because we know that nothing like this will not be taken.

And completely different saying Adolf Hitler March 23, 1939 from the balcony of the theatre square just attached Memel. Two hours before he theatrically vplyl aboard the newest battleship Germany "in Memel port. «… the Germans are not going to let anyone in the world to do anything wrong, but it was necessary to end the suffering, which for 20 years had been subjected to the Germans by the whole world. Memel′skih Germans Germany once had already dumped to fend for themselves when resigned in disgrace and besslaviem. Today memel′skie the Germans. again become citizens of mighty Reich strongly customized to take their fate into their own hands, even if it's not like half of the world. "

And everything seemed so radiant. And the glory of Hitler shone at the zenith. And before the great Germany trembled the world. Joining areas and countries to the Reich without firing a shot, without a single drop of blood-did the Führer is not a brilliant politician?

But after six years, Germany was defeated, millions of its sons killed, millions of her daughters shall, its city wiped off the face of the Earth, its cultural treasures accumulated over the centuries, turned into ashes. From Germany were separated 2/5 of the territory, and the remaining is divided into zones and the occupation powers pobedil′nicami. And shame, shame, shame on the covered heads of the Germans. And it all started so radiant!


Friends! History repeats itself. The Russians really live in Crimea. But has anyone ever had harassed them there isn't there they were second-class citizens without rights to language, on the Orthodox faith? From whom they must defend the soldiers of the Russian army? Who attacked them? Troops of a foreign State on the territory of another State without his permission is aggression. The takeover of Parliament by persons in unmarked uniforms is an outrage. The adoption of any decision by the Parliament of Crimea in such circumstances is a farce. Parliament first captured, changed at the mass, and then the new premier asked for assistance from Russia, when aides already here already day as in control of the peninsula. As like as two peas similar to the Anschluss, 1938. And even a plebiscite referendum a month under friendly bayonets. There are 10 April, here-30 March.

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Whether Russian authorities considered all the risks this incredible adventures? Sure not. As Adolf Aloizovič in his time is not calculated. Calculated-not tossed about on the bunker in April 1945 under the Russian bombs, not guzzled would ampoules with poison.

And if the West arrives not as Chamberlain with Daladier in 1938, and introduce a complete embargo on purchases of Russian energy carriers and it numbs the Russian assets in their banks? The Russian economy, and so agonizing to collapse in three months. Smoot will start here, compared to which the Maidan seem paradisiacal garden.

And if the Crimean Tatars, who vehemently opposed the Russian authorities who remember that this Government has done with them, 1944. and how not to be employed before 1988, when the Crimean Tatars to turn for protection of their interests to edinovernoj and half-sister of Turkey? Because Turkey is not beyond three seas, and on the other side of the same black. And the Crimea longer than Russia-owned four centuries possessed. Turks is not čemberleny and not to Daladier-they in July 1974, defending his fellow occupy 40% of the territory of Cyprus and, ignoring protests, still support the so-called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus that no one recognizes them. Maybe someone wants to have Turkish Republic of southern Crimea? But if the hot head of Crimean Tatars will rise to fight Muslim radicals from around the world will be happy to join him, and in particular from the Northern Caucasus and the Volga region. We will not storm with Crimean devastated resorts in our Russian House? That we, their attacks a little?

And, finally, acquiring riven by internal strife, Crimea, we forever lose the people of Ukraine-Ukrainians will not forgive the Russians this betrayal. That thinking will not be what it is too, flour-milling around? Do not expect expensive Russian chauvinists. In the late 19th century, Serbs and Croats saw themselves as one nation only divided by borders, denomination and graphics characters. They strove for unity-how many books they have been written about it then, smart, good books. And now a few peoples are so angry at each other-both Serbs and Croats. How much blood spilled between them, and all for some pieces of land, towns and dolinki, in which they could live together happily and richly. Could, but failed. Greed to the sister of the brothers made enemies.

But in everyday life is so does not happen? Is it worth losing the brotherly people forever because of the ghostly cravings? Yes and split the Russian church was already inevitable. Its Ukrainian half secede from Moscow forever.

But even more horrible defeat will result in success for the Kremlin in the joining of Crimea. If all easily happens tomorrow in Russia zaprosâtsâ Russian-populated region of Kazakhstan, there, you see, with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and Northern Kyrgyzstan. For Austria, the Sudetenland followed for Sudetami-Memel, for Memelem-Poland, Poland-France, France-Russia. It all began with a small …

Friends! We need to wake up and stop. Our policies involve our people in a terrible, terrible adventure. Historical experience shows that cost nothing so. We should not be as moved at one time Germans promises Goebbels and Hitler. For the sake of peace in our country, for the sake of her actual revival, for the sake of peace and friendliness of this Russian historical spaces, divided now on many States, say "no" to this insane and, most importantly, totally unnecessary aggression.

We have lost so many lives in the 20th century that the only true to our principle should be the principle enunciated the great Aleksandr-keeping people. Keeping people, rather than picking up the land. The Earth is only collected blood and tears.

No blood, no tears, we no longer have to!

Andrey Zubov Historian, theologian and political scientist, doctor of historical sciences, Professor of MGIMO-UNIVERSITY

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