Deathbed Testament Putin

After the aircraft was shot down between Turkey and Russia is possible as a diplomatic standoff and military conflict (pictured-President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (right) and President of Russia Vladimir Putin) Photo: Yasin Bulbul/G20 Turkey 2015/Pool images by Anadolu Agency
After the aircraft was shot down between Turkey and Russia is possible as a diplomatic standoff and military conflict (pictured-President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (right) and President of Russia Vladimir Putin)
Photo: Yasin Bulbul/G20 Turkey 2015/Pool images by Anadolu Agency

If someone wants to predict the end of Mr Putin, it is almost unmistakably can be called Turkey, where this happens

The threat of "Turkey already adequately answer more reminiscent of his last will and testament of the Russian President that there is nobody to perform

You need to try to find badly two countries that so much and fight each other for a long time-Russia and Turkey. If you look in the tutorials, you can read a strange version of the beginning of the confrontation: "Russia's relations with Turkey have started since the last conquest of Crimea in 1475 year. The reason for the beginning of the relationship formed the vexations of steel subjected to Russian merchants from the Turks in Azov and Cafe ". "The harassment of merchants-an explanation similar to harassment" Russian world ", so the rulers of Muscovy, Russian Empire, yet tried to show for the first time" basurmanam "that later became known as" mother kuz′kinoj ". As you know, the image of the mother from the fantastic area Kuzma glorification, the reality of not having any relation. "Basurmanam" then threatened and they were offended, and in response captured Moscow.

In the year 1447 Crimean Khanate was established in 1475 year Crimea becomes part of the Ottoman Empire, and in the year 1521 the Crimean Khan Mehmet I Gerej with his brother and ally, Kazan Khan Sahib Giray, undertook a trip to the Grand Duchy of Moscow. In August, the Crimean Khan besieged Moscow and obtained the consent of the Tsar Basil III to pay tribute, the same kind of Russian tsars paid Horde. In 1558 he was taken quite successful first Russian military campaign against the Crimea. Since then between the Russians and the Ottoman Empire Kings happened 11 wars. With varying degrees of success, the Russians and the Turks fought fiercely defending the independence of Crimea on the one hand, the right to occupation on the other. Classic poets glorified "feat of Russian arms, the Turks came and once again showed the.

First world war raised the point-so it seemed, actually left the ellipsis. In the year 1829, Alexander Pushkin admired General Paskevich, conqueror "Russian land" as to say now is an ordinary occupant. But in the Russian Empire conquests were the only pastime and entertainment for the aristocracy. The Germans, the French and the Dutch were engaged in Sciences, Italians creating Russian Opera ", the French-Russian ballet", and another part of the "Russian heroes»-Paskevich, Gazenkampf, Gurke, Totleben was conquered by the Russian Empire. Part of the land were Turkish.

Putin believe his stupid experts who persuaded him not to look at Turkey

In 1921 year seemed was delivered the next point is Kars October 13, 1921 Treaty was signed, according to which the Bolsheviks renounced conquest Kings and gave under the Turkish possessions Kars and Ardogan, as well as Mount Ararat, leaving Georgia Batumi and the mountainous Adjara. Kars Treaty confirmed Moscow from March 16, 1921 year. Ideal relations between Russia and Turkey, it was difficult to call and then. In 1932 year Turkish Republic became a member of the League of Nations, the first international organization designed to tackle global problems, from which he was excluded the USSR 1939-after launched the occupation of Finland. In relations with the USSR Government, Mustafa Kemal was of neutrality, as in the case of Germany, and on her rivals-allies of the anti-Hitler coalition, while three days before the occupation of the SOVIET UNION, June 18, 1941, was signed by Turkish-German friendship treaty.

In the year 1952 Turkey joined NATO, that long overshadowed relations between Moscow and Ankara, now, seems like forever. After the end of World War II still hoped Vyacheslav Molotov to conclude a new agreement with Turkey, whereby the SOVIET UNION, in the event of war, to carry out its troops on Turkish territory. NATO had dashed all hopes and pridušilo all nostalgic memories of Moscow on its Turkish campaigns over the past 500 years.

In Soviet times, Turkey was for the USSR Frank enemy, and in these respects the victims always become ordinary people. Until now, residents of mountainous Adjara, bordering Turkey, living in mental isolation from the rest of Georgia. In Soviet time here could not penetrate without the permission of the KGB no outsider, now this territory "Terra Incognita"-ethnic Georgians-Muslims, before Kara Treaty who lived in the Ottoman Empire the past 300 years. Now on PPC "Sarpi" you can stand on the beach a few inches from Georgia for Georgians to drive on the wrong side of the can and does the internal passport-ID. But 24 years ago all living South of Sarpi were called enemies, they are Turks.

Relations between Russia and Turkey the last quarter of a century after the disintegration of the USSR cannot be described as straightforward. The Soviet Union did not know, and many immigrants lived in Turkey-Circassians and Chechens, Abkhazians and Laz, Georgians-gûrdži and Meskhi, Crimean Tatars and Ingush. Them very much, a few million, and their ancestors are not simply evicted from their homeland is killed, forcing the remaining escape. These people still make up a significant portion of society that periodically makes Russia claim. In Moscow they were eternal evil, and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs periodically sent to Ankara protest against "extremists", that is, descendants of those who suffered from the Russian imperial policy.

Crimea to Turkey is not just a geographical entity, which lives an indigenous people-Crimean Tatars, people close to Turkish culture more than any outside Turkey. Close culture, very close language, mentality and once one destiny. In the 18th and XIXvekah several hundred thousand Crimean Tatars emigrated to Turkey. In the year 1944 deportation of the Crimean Tatars to Central Asia has become not just part of a repressive policy against small Nations, but also a symbol of the attitude of Crimean Tatars to the authorities any power. After rehabilitation, they have not gone looking for Soviet happiness to Russia, they either returned home or left there, where several new generations were born in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Russia attitude was permanently damaged mutual hostility: in Moscow treated as a presence element on "Russian land" called Crimea, Crimean Tatars have already disbelieved the Kremlin. The occupation and annexation of the Crimea finally strengthened these relations, and Turkey has become an indicator of these relations.

We can say without exaggeration that Moscow felt patience of Turkey in recent years. Initially, the war in Chechnya, recognized by the whole world a monstrous crime. The most active anti-war shares has always been Turkey and its Chechen diaspora. Then the war in Georgia and the sudden halt of Russian army in Poti, as though they were invisible wall, whose name is Kars Treaty. Now Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea, with which Turkey will never accept.

Vlezšij in Syria, Putin is likely to believe his stupid experts who persuaded him not to look at Turkey. But in vain, I could guess that something happens soon. What happened: the downed Russian fighter and a helicopter is just the beginning of a new confrontation. It is unlikely that it will be a serious, Turkey is still a member of NATO, and there can be no doubt that she had received carte blanche from colleagues. The loser will remain Russia-just look at a map, diagram, communication and statistics of Russian tourism companies. Without the Russians, Turkey does not disappear, without Turkey will remain a significant portion of Russians, for whom the southern country with clean beaches was the limit of perfection for their meager purses.

If someone wants to predict the end of Mr Putin, it is almost unmistakably can be called Turkey, where it will happen. And not because he threw his leftover in Syria "the great and invincible army". And not because he miscalculated the degree of guilty pleasure of Obama and his European colleagues. And not because sanctions bring economic catastrophe in Russia. But because the threat to respond adequately "Turkey already is more reminiscent of his last will and testament that there is nobody to perform.

Oleg Panfilov,

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