DG a bill recognizing the Armenian genocide by Turkey


State Duma deputies from the faction "Fair Russia" introduced in the lower House of Parliament a bill on responsibility for the non-recognition of the Armenian genocide by Turkey in the year 1915. The move was a response to Ankara for a downed Russian Su-24 bomber. The leader of the "fair Russia" Sergei Mironov also called and for tougher retaliatory measures towards the Turkish side.

"Sincere condolences to the families of soldiers who died in Syria. Turkey-aider of terrorists. Only that we have a bill on the responsibility for the failure to recognize the fact of genocide of Armenians by Turkey in 1915, "Mironov wrote on his Twitter page.

Speaking to reporters later, the leader of the SRS also stressed the need to perceive Turkey as a supporter of terrorists after the collapse of the Russian Su-24, reports RIA "Novosti". "Actually what made a Turkey, knocking our plane, it demonstrated that the masks dropped. Respectively, and need to respond to this country-how the country, which is a supporter of international terrorism. With all the ensuing consequences, "the mp said.

Mironov expressed confidence that Russian armed forces will take necessary action. "And God forbid if any Turkish aircraft to cross the border into Syria. I think it should be considered as a threat to our military base and shoot down, and not so kind. If the Lord in Turkey allow themselves such need and react accordingly, "he said.

The leader of the faction in the Duma, also called for a ban on the sale of travel packages in Turkey. "There is a need not only to recommend to our tourists not to travel to Turkey, we should just stop there our flow of tourists, because it becomes very unsafe and lamentable tragedy that happened over Sinai, could happen again," said Mironov.

Note that this is not the first time Armenian genocide issue affect bilateral relations between the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and Turkey. In May this year, Ankara threatened Moscow recall Ambassador in connection with the position of the Kremlin. Then it was reported that Putin and Erdogan discussed the issue by telephone. 24 April in memory memorial complex of genocide victims in Yerevan, Tsitsernakaberd memorial ceremony for those killed during the events of 1915-1923 in Ottoman Empire. Russia was represented by President Vladimir Putin.

"Russia's position has been and remains consistent: we have always believed that the mass murder of people there can be no excuses. Russia is a participant and initiator of numerous international legal instruments that laid the Foundation of modern international criminal law, including the Convention on the prevention of the crime of genocide, "the Russian leader said. The State Duma, in turn, expressed its "deep sympathy with the brotherly Armenia in connection with the centennial anniversary of the Armenian genocide, as well as other populations affected by the tragic events of the period of the first world war.

After this, Erdogan criticized the Russian leader Vladimir Putin for his words about the genocide of the Armenian people. "This is not the first time Russia uses the word" genocide "in this matter. I personally feel sad that Putin has made such a step. What happens in the Crimea and Ukraine, it is obvious to all. They must first explain that, before talking about the genocide, "he said.

At the end of XIX-beginning of XX century in the Ottoman Empire fought the persecution of Armenians, which reached a peak in the year 1915. Armenia calls these events as genocide. Armenian genocide remembrance day is celebrated on 24 April: on this day 100 years ago in Istanbul were detained and killed more than 800 representatives of local Armenian intellectuals.

Turkey rejects the accusations, claiming that the victims of the tragedy of 1915, were both Armenians and Turks. Overreaction Ankara process of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide 1915 onwards in the Ottoman Empire is one of the main causes of the complex relations between Turkey and Armenia.

Meanwhile, the fact of the Armenian genocide in Ottoman Turkey is recognized by many States, the European Parliament and the World Council of churches. The State Duma of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION adopted in 1995 year a resolution condemning the Armenian Genocide 1915-1922, its historic homeland in Western Armenia.

Recently Pope Francis during mass called the mass killing of Armenians "the first genocide of the twentieth century". Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu accused the Pope that he joined the conspiracy against Turkey. In protest, Turkey withdrew its Ambassador from the Vatican.



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