Erdogan considers an alternative Russian hydrocarbons


Amid tensions with Moscow because of a downed bomber Ankara ready to find alternatives to Russian oil and gas.

This was stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on national television, reports DW.

"The ability to find different providers has," said Erdogan, referring, apparently, Qatar and Azerbaijan.

According to the Turkish President, Russia has not yet delivers the "and" that the crisis in relations between the two countries will have an impact on the energy partnership. And despite this, Erdogan hinted that Ankara is looking for new suppliers. Moreover, according to the President, Turkey could rely on their own renewable energy.

Erdogan said that Turkey is dependent on external suppliers of oil and gas at 90.5 per cent-to 98.5 per cent.

As we have informed, after the incident with the downed Russian military aircraft on the Turkish-Syrian border relations between Ankara and Moscow have deteriorated significantly. Russia, in particular, banned the import of Turkish products, as well as announced the suspension of the negotiations on the "Turkish flow."

This week, Erdogan visited Qatar where agreed liquefied natural gas purchases, and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu during a visit to Azerbaijan reached agreement on accelerating the construction of the TANAP.


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