Erdogan keeps recalcitrant, while Moscow deports Turkish citizens due to a downed bomber

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"Turkey has vowed to shoot down all Russian planes, which will enter its airspace, and the Kremlin retaliated in the form of sanctions-banned Turkish goods and deported businessmen," reports The Times. Journalists Hannah Lucinda Smith and mark Bennetts resemble Chronicle: President Putin has demanded an apology from Turkey for what she shot down a Russian Su-24.

A few minutes later, Turkey's Erdogan said: there will be no apology, and the decision to shoot down the plane was taken to protect national interests.

"He rejected allegations that Turkey buys IGIL (banned in Russia. -PRIM. Ed.) oil and helps to fund the activities of a terrorist group, "the newspaper wrote.

For its part, Russia stopped the contracts with Turkey on military lines and plans to break economic ties. Broadcaster of the Krasnodar region reported that 39 members of the Turkish delegation, arrived at the agricultural fair, will be deported for breaching visa regulations.

Meanwhile, one of the leaders of the opposition said in an interview that Russia helps the Syrian regime to capture territory before the probable collapse of the country.

"Abdurrahman Mustafa, head of the Turkmen National Council, warned that tens of thousands of civilians can escape to Turkey if the forces of President Assad annex (sic. -PRIM. Ed.) the key district of the northern province of Latakia, which with the year 2012 is controlled by rebel forces and is home to ethnic Syrian Turkomans, allies of Ankara, "the article says.

Last week the Alliance of rebel forces, including the Turkmen Brigade replaced the IGIL from two villages in the province of Aleppo, the newspaper writes. "We will not participate in the IGIL, we struggle with the IGIL, Mustafa said. -From the first day, it was clear that Russia-not terrorists. In the opinion of Assad, all Syriac people are terrorists ".

In camps north of Latakia live thousands of refugees. "The regime wants to Syria in the event of the dissolution of the district became part of the alawite State, says Mustafa. -They want to oust the moderate opposition to the left only two parties-mode and IGIL.

Latakia is the key strategic and symbolic importance to the Assad regime (this is the birthplace of the alawite), and is also a priority for Russia, as is the Russian base at Tartus NAVAL, write correspondents.

According to the newspaper, now Latakia in the North, fierce fighting: forces of the regime with the support of the Russian Aviation is moving to the Turkish border. Humanitarian workers ordered to leave the area.

Returning to Moscow, the newspaper said: "Russia is punishing Turkey for a downed airplane, subjecting the Turkish products" strict laboratory tests "(read, imposing a ban on them). For the majority of Russians such embargo mean that products are getting more expensive, the authors explain.

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