Erdogan said on Turkish territory found in the wreckage of an Su-24


According to the President, although a Russian bomber crashed in Syria, he was shot down in the skies over Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that although the Russian Su-24 crashed in Syria, he was shot down in the Turkish airspace.

At the same time, as said by the politician, part of the wreckage from the plane fell on the territory of Turkey, suffered two citizens of the country.

Erdogan also said that Turkey does not want to escalate tensions because of downed aircraft.

"We have no intention of glowing situation. We just stood up to protect our own security and the rights of our brothers, "he said during a speech at a business forum in Istanbul.

Erdogan said that Turkey's policy on Syria will not change.

"We will continue our humanitarian efforts on both sides of the Syrian border. We are determined to take all necessary measures to prevent a new wave of immigration, "he said.


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