Erdogan: Turkey will fight terrorism inside and outside its borders


President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan said that his country "will never waver in protecting" against terrorism. This was said in a written statement, the Turkish leader made in connection with a suicide bomb attack in Ankara.

"New victims of Turkey, which added to our loss in the fight against terrorism, cut the heart of our nation and our patience. Every day we will resolutely continue the fight against those who commit these attacks, which have nothing to do with morality and humanity, and their associates. Because of such attacks, growing our determination to oppose the (terror) inside and outside our borders, "said the Turkish leader.

He stressed that "Turkey will not hesitate to use its legitimate right to defend the anytime, anywhere and in any situation.

As a result of an explosion near a bus service area of the Turkish armed forces, according to the latest figures, 28 people were killed, 61 wounded. Most of the dead and injured are representatives of the Turkish armed forces, including officers. The explosion took place in a fairly busy place in the end of the evening rush hour near the city centre in the area of military hostels. Near this spot are also building commands the air force and Navy of Turkey, 100 metres from 300 − which are the building of the General staff, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Parliament. At present, the police keeps all entrances to the area oceplennymi, skipping only inside special machines.

Deputy Prime Minister and spokesman of the Government of Turkey Noman Kurtulmuš said that at the moment of the attack in the capital of artists not yet installed.



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