EU imposes against Russia one more anti-dumping duty


The European Union has decided to install the anti-dumping duty at a rate of 34 percent on the aluminum foil production in the Russian Federation.

As reported by Censor. NO citing Ligabusinessinform Brussels the decision was published in the official journal of the European Union Saturday, July 4.

Note measure will affect the major Russian suppliers of foil: Company RUSAL and its two "daughters"-Ural Foil and Rusal Sayanal. Restrictive measure would affect imports from Russia rolls weighing 10 kilograms, the thickness of the sheets which range from 0.008 to 0.018 millimeter.

In accordance with the results of the anti-dumping investigation, which covered the period from 2011 to 2013 years weighted average dumping margin (the difference between domestic and export prices on the basis of which establishes a duty) Russian companies amounted to 34%.

With RUSAL and its "daughter" held from 29 per cent (2011) to 34 percent (at the end of the investigation in the year 2014) of the European market. During the same period, the combined market share of the companies of the EU decreased from 55 to 47 per cent. This, in turn, had a negative impact on the wages of staff of European enterprises and their production should be from published information in the report.

Note in addition to companies from Russia, his foil in EU countries to supply China, which at the time the investigation is held 2 percent of the European market, Turkey (13%) and other countries of the world (4%).

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