Eugene Platon: RUSSIA Plans pipeline went ashes

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Not only Turkish flow "rested in the Lord:" Nord Stream-2 "joined fellow

European Commission Vice President Šefčovič Maroš ènergosoûzu, speaking in the European Parliament, said that Nord Stream-2 funded by the EU will not. One of the reasons was that the pipeline will not open new sources of gas for the EU: "EU will support only those infrastructure projects that correspond to the key principles of the ènergosoûza. Diversification of sources, suppliers and routes, generating energy is the key. Therefore, Nord Stream-2 "will not become a project of common interest of the EU and does not receive funding.

Moreover, saving transit through called Šefčovič Ukraine as one of the priorities of the EU ènergooûza, which directs.

Project Nord Stream-2 "was designed for the construction of two lines of the pipeline with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas a year from the RUSSIAN coastline to Germany via the Baltic Sea. The pipeline was to be built next to the Northern flow-1 ".

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Government announced the ban "Naftogas of Ukraine" of purchasing Russian gas: "Was this due to the fact that price offers from our European partners, much better than from our northern neighbor," said the Ukrainian Prime Minister. Lûtuet Prime, Aki enraged beast: scary, even horror.

At the same time, Gazprom's export earnings and already is at an all-time low.

The troubles at the head of "Gasprom" is not limited to: simultaneously Wednesday on the Moscow stock exchange continue to fall shares of Gazprom. A little more than 24 hours since the moment it became known about the attack of the Turkish air force, recorded on a Russian Su-24 in Syria, the Russian gas holding has lost nearly 7% capitalization, becoming the "leader" of the "blue chips" the pace with which showered quotes. Market value of Gazprom as compared to the beginning of the week was reduced to 230 billion roubles to 3.37 trillion rubles ($ 51 billion) from data of the Moscow stock exchange.

The Russians traded Turkish all-inclusive vacations in Crimea

But it's not all bad news for Gazprom:

1. In 2015 the world market began to receive the first LNG from Australia-Australian total increase will amount to 70 billion annually. cubes.

2. In 2016 for the market will come from the United States for LNG. One only company Cheniere zakontraktovala on a long-term basis, 5% of the gas market of Europe-16 million. tonnes of LNG a year. The first delivery is expected in February 2016.

3. The year 2017 the throughput of the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline system should increase from 55 in 2015 year to 80 billion cubic meters. Turkmenistan plans to 2030 years to bring gas up 230 billion cubic meters, of which 180 billion cubes will be geared towards export.

4. Iran plans to take 10% of the world gas market, i.e. export more than 100 billion. cubic metres of gas per year and produce in year 2020 474 billion. cubes in a year against the current 173 billion. Iran ends up building the first LNG terminal with a capacity of 10 million. tons, in total he intends to export 40 million. tons of LNG.

5. Japan began the launch stopped after the accident at the Fukušim reactors at its NUCLEAR POWER PLANT. Threatened 30 billion. Japanese cubes of gas import, which replaced the AEC.

6. In Asia, Australian LNG and CNG from the West coast of United States will displace the Qatari gas, which will look for new markets in Europe.

7. At least two major market of Gazprom-Ukraine and Poland eventually lost on political reasons and confirmed today the Ukrainian Prime Minister. In the long term and Turkey will join them, and it is still minus 27.4 billion cubic metres from Gazprom's exports.

In addition, the Russians switched again and Turkish all-inclusive vacation on the Crimean "all off" what, actually, and we congratulate them.

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