Expert: Krasnodar Krai may expand in the direction of Ukraine


When the power in the Russian Federation over the regions will weaken, krasnodarskiy Kray, quite possibly, expands to Ukraine.

This was told by the head of the economic program of the Carnegie Moscow Center, Andrei MOVCHAN, in an interview with the special correspondent of "Jellyfish" Hvilya.

"The probability is high that the elite of the far East expands to China or Japan at some point: this boss pay stopped, maybe you'll start? And the elite, say Muslim Volga region and the North Caucasus unfold to Turkey. And so on.

If Ukraine could emerge, stop emulating Russia around and waving his fists instead of work, quite possibly, expands to Ukraine in this situation, "he said.

In his view, the Ukrainians have to go in the direction of common sense — in the direction of democracy, business development, total outsourcing (including Russian) investment toward the creation of a simple, straightforward and competitive rules of the game.

"They are together, say, Poland and a number of neighbouring countries could form the basis of a new economic (and political) bloc. In General, the axis of the Ukraine-Poland plus Eastern Europe potentially much stronger than the EU, "said Movchan.

Economist voiced the economic advantages of Ukraine and possible political bloc:

"Cheap labor, huge growth potential, the absence of social obligations and burdens of external debt of this size, the presence of fantastical amounts of fertile land, living space, the ability to attract strong skilled migrants. Because they have "standard" a lower standard of living, they can lower taxes now collect, and attract the best people in their respective countries. They have excellent geography — have access to the black and Baltic seas (and optionally through Montenegro and have an outlet to the Mediterranean). Turkey on the one hand, Scandinavia, Europe, with a third, Russia — the fourth. In this region, more people than live in Russia, but much denser, with old traditions of democracy, with similar languages, which are very easy to combine. And it is a region that is accepted as a partner and America, both the EU and Turkey, and Israel, and China ".

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