Former GRU Colonel A. Devyatov: “war between Russia and Turkey»


Andrey Petrovich Devyatov-expert, a former Colonel in the Gru, a renowned expert on Chinese culture and Chinese language, has lived in China for many years, the author of many books on China and the specifics of the East, Deputy Director of the Institute of Sino-Russian strategic cooperation.

In an interview with an authoritative expert gives his very rigid, characteristic of Russian-Turkish crisis and its no less rigorous, the prediction of future developments.

-How would you describe the current situation in Russian-Turkish relations?

Relations between Turkey and Russia are characterized by the fact that the present Pope for talks with Shiite preacher, the current President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, called the clash of two different civilizations Biblical roots. In Scripture it is referred to as a "Battle". The situation, unfortunately, irreversible.

-IE you do not exclude military action between Turkey and Russia?

-War is political, economic, financial. As regards direct clashes, they too go: Russia bomb protureckuû and prosaudovskuû opposition in Syria, in response, Turkey deals artillery attack on pro-Russian and proiranskim factions.

I don't understand what else should be, so we called things by their proper names. This is a true hybrid war using all aspects of the war.

-As a professional military intelligence officer, a former Russian army what can give as Turkish and Russian armies?

Firstly, I was an officer in the great Soviet army, please take note. Secondly, Turkish and Russian army will not confront Syria as a front against the front. This is simply impossible because the Russian army in Syria, no reliable rear services and no means of delivery available to send fresh forces, and Turkey has the advantage.

But however believe that Ankara will not complicate the situation. However, the devil is not joking. In Syria, the situation is a very difficult situation, and it is complicated by the hour.

-We are interested in the potential of these armies, that is the question.

-Well, what to say, our army hands, Ahti, Commander Serdyukov has already turned into the most powerful army on the planet (laughs). But seriously, we are team exercises, are the latest weapons, which, according to the military and political leadership of the country must demonstrate the opposite side of our strength.

After all, as such anyone enemy Russia is not named and considers NATO as a partner. The enemy we have declared only international terrorism.

But the fact that the opposing party is not sitting idly by and also improving its army. Turkey showed that too with character. That's knocked down Russian aircraft and even apologize for not going. That is, we are dealing with serious guys. We and they brâcaût their weapons.

With regard to the presence of Russia's nuclear weapons, because Chinese is not stopped when the clashes took place on the island of Damansky in 60-ies. of the last century. Nuclear weapons in today's world, nobody will be surprised. With regard to our ground forces, they, generally speaking, no.

-How is it not?! And where the famous Taman Division and Kantemirovskaya Russia?

-As I have already said, our Serdyukov how many tried for our army that divisions as such and never left. To fight with the same enemy, as Turkey and the United States, need strong ground troops, at least at the level of those who were in Soviet times.

-Can you imagine how Ukraine will behave in the event of complications with Turkey?

-There can be no doubt that as soon as our relations with Turkey will reach the military conditions, Ukraine will immediately open a second front against Russia. Everything goes according to plan, as I have said, and Ukraine is an integral part of this plan.

-Can, after all the leaders of the two countries have common sense prevails and they won't bring the situation to the hot phase of the war?

-FYI, what is happening now in Syria, and has common sense. Erdogan and Putin leads a prudent policy. Whoever believes that they are emotional policy deeply mistaken. All actions take place in Syria on a charted plan.

-Azerbaijan President to visit Turkey soon. Is it possible that the Russian-Turkish confrontation will spread and the Caucasus?

-Try to spread to the Caucasus if his militia IGIL will displace from Syria and Iraq. As you know, thousands of North Caucasian militants are in the ranks of the IGIL. Wherever they go, if not in their native Caucasus?! Here's what you need to think about the leaders of the Caucasian republics.

-Will Azerbaijan fighting to liberate Karabakh?

-Only if Azerbaijan sees the weakness of Russia. After all, Armenia, CSTO member is Russia, and only this fact constrains Baku from the outbreak of hostilities. Everything will depend on Russia and the extent to which it will retain their positions in the Ukrainian and Turkish directions.

West continues to exert pressure on Russia. Whether he has made any progress?

-If you mean lower oil prices, it operates a stranglehold. When the oil price was under $ 100, American partners have warned Russia that it should not go beyond, and as soon as we started showing them your character, they lowered the price of oil to 60 dollars. Seeing that we continue to bend their line, brought her up to 30. Well, and now say that if, say, don't change your mind, oil will be on 20 or even 10 dollars, as recently said very knowledgeable fellow Sechin. Since the bulk of total revenue from oil, Russia is, of course, severely beats afford our citizens. When the social situation is becoming more complicated, fridge starts to win tv.

-Listening to you, you can come to the unequivocal conclusion that the world is on the verge of a third world war.

-Why on the brink? It is already in progress. The Pope about it yet at the beginning of the year 2014, as you said, journalists are still talking about that on the verge. As I said above, that in Scripture called "the battle of …

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