Gazprom has drastically cut gas supplies to Turkey


Gazprom reduced gas supplies on February 10 in Turkey. By Interfax, citing data from Bulgartransgaza, which provides about half the gas supplies for the Western route into the country.

The Agency notes that Turkey had increased the selection of fuel with the onset of winter, especially in the last three months of the year 2015. But with 10 February there has been a significant reduction — 10 per cent immediately on one day. On the last reporting date 24 February deliveries of Russian gas to the West of Turkey amounted to 26.7 million cubic meters, i.e. 40 per cent below last year's.

One reason is warming and 15 February 16 in Istanbul. However, the Agency's source also notes that Russia has reduced gas supplies for Turkish private companies with which there are disagreements over the price of fuel.

In the year 2016, Gazprom intends to cancel a 10-percent discount on gas for six Turkish corporations.

The Deputy Head of the national energy security fund, Alexey Grivach, citing their own sources reported Rambler News Service, that the reason for the decline in steel shipments non Turkish oil companies. "Private companies paid for gas deliveries in January 2016 onwards on the basis of their calculations on the discount. Expense invoice "Gazprom export" was above the paid amount, "he said. The source familiar with the negotiations, reported that RNS, a final decision on cancellation of discounts and there are no negotiations going on.

In November 2015 year relations between Russia and Turkey have been exacerbated by the Turkish AIR FORCE shot down a Russian Su-24 bombers participating in the operation in Syria.

In the year 2015 Gazprom has 27 billion cubic meters of gas to Turkey, Republic is the second after Germany energy buyer abroad.


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