Georgia and Turkey closed the sky for Russian military aircraft. The RUSSIAN base in Armenia is locked


102-I Russian military base in Armenia found itself in the aerial blockade due to the fact that Georgia and Turkey closed its sky for Russian military transport aviation.

The Arguments of the week.

As a source of "EN" in military-transport aircraft, supply base military equipment and armament went through the Central Office of the Russian Defense Ministry via the chkalovsky airport near Moscow.

Now, according to the newspaper, the military base stationed in Armenia (Yerevan and Vanadzor garrisons), had no difficulty in supplying food and uniforms.

However, the supply of ammunition under heavy combat mode of study, which requires the Minister of defence. Shoigu was cause for concern.
The representative of the RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY said that they are "aware of the problem" and "solve the issue, but so far the situation is difficult to solve, and it is not worth slapping.


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