Gerashchenko: Putin prepares Crimea Atomic Apocalypse


To solve the energy crisis in Crimea environment of the Russian President wants to go on a risky step-building floating nuclear power station.

Writes about this Facebook mp Anton Gerashchenko.

"Despite the fact that the simple Russians every day becoming poorer and poorer, corrupt Putin's Entourage does not reduce the rate of theft skudeûŝej the Russian Treasury.

After the large-scale plundering of the Sochi Olympics, failed large-scale infrastructural projects on building expressways, railways and motorways, Putin's Entourage undertook the "Mastering" of funds for the project KrymNaš. As you know the Crimea peninsula, connected to the Ukrainian energy system last time as Ukraine itself undergoes body electricity outages.

Unlucky crimeans lost their vote on March 16 psevdoreferendume for joining Russia, genuinely puzzled about why their quality of life after that it became steadily decline, not rise, as promised, d. Kiselyov,. Soloviev and other putinskimi frikami of zomboyaschika, "he writes.

Experienced, strategically minded hustlers from Putin's Entourage decided to use the situation with electricity shortages in the Crimea, in the interest of further looting of the people of Russia.

«Top-management of Rosatom and the United shipbuilding Corporation, the same that builds nuclear submarines to Putin for money "with the construction of schools and hospitals from across Russia, joined in unison to steal billions of dollars floating nuclear power plant project to supply electricity to the Crimea. Why Putin portrayed as the best project is a floating nuclear power plant, rather than for example a project for the construction of TRANSMISSION LINES across the Kerch Strait, or the expansion of existing facilities at TPP-it is easy to explain.

On the construction of TRANSMISSION LINES or reconstruction not steal a lot of TES. Another thing the Atomic project, and even floating. There you can always inflate the price of the building three times and hide behind specious pretexts of security surrounding Wednesday and know-how a la skolkovo.

The interesting thing is that the opinion of crimeans on whether them floating nuclear power station near by, no one to ask.

The challenge is not in fact provide electricity and Crimea to steal a post more money from the budget. Floating nuclear power plant for the Crimea is very politically prudent move. Crimea will have to return sooner or later. TRANSMISSION LINES or new turbines to dismantle is difficult and expensive. A floating nuclear power plant can be easily towed to Novorossiysk himself or Andover.

Because Turkey is unlikely to permit the transport of such Atomic chudo-yudo through its straits. It remains only to regret the hapless crimeans sincerely believing that Putin will come and establish order.

Now they are not only rolling blackouts, rising prices and the devaluation of the ruble, but dangerous atomic excrement Putin and his larcenous Pack, "Gerashchenko said.

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