Gundiajev against Turkey: Patriarch has opened a new front of information warfare, IP

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Patriarch Kirill is trying to use the aggravation of Russian-Turkish relations to obtain ROC dominant positions in world orthodoxy.

In particular, he is considering initiating a transfer from g. Istanbul (Turkey). Moscow (Russia) venue of the Orthodox Cathedral (planned for 2016). Thus, Patriarch Kirill will act as de facto presidency, thereby showing the Orthodox community "vtorostepennost′" Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

In order to implement the plan of Patriarch Kirill intends to convince the heads of the local Orthodox churches-meeting participants, including through bribery, "the danger of conducting Cathedral in Turkey due to the high likelihood of terrorist threats by Islamic radicals.

Appropriate preliminary consultations held with Cyril supervised him head of the Georgian Orthodox Church Patriarch Ilia.

At the same time, some members of the clergy, do not exclude that these actions of the head of the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH were initiated by the Kremlin with the aim of organizing the next phase of the information war with Turkey.

Previously, IP group reported that Church of the Moscow Patriarchate a private army in Ukraine.


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