Human rights activists reported impact on Turkish gumkonvoû in Syria


Turkish human rights organization Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) reported aviaudare on humanitarian convoy on the border between Turkey and Syria. According to human rights activists, the convoy was bombed by Russian planes.

Reportedly, the convoy was heading to the town of Aazaz in northern Syria, Syrian-controlled by the rebels.

Human rights activists have posted on Facebook photos of burning trucks and men in fire form that extinguish fire. "Self-defence groups are working on the ground after the Russian military planes was hit by a truck of humanitarian aid. Aazaz, Syria, "reads a caption to your photos.

It is reported that when the RAID killed 10 people, most of them were driving trucks.

The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet cited Syrian rebel field commander Zeker Carsley, according to which the bombardment held Russian aircraft. "Humanitarian aid Convoy was attacked by Russian military planes," he said.

If this Hurriyet noted that earlier airstrikes in the area caused the Syrian air force.

The Russian military has not commented on these messages.

In the relations between Russia and Turkey witnessed a serious disorder after 24 November Turkish fighter shot down a Russian Su-24 helicopter flight from a military base "Hmejmim" in Syria, 30 kilometres from the border with Turkey.

The city of Aazaz is close to the Syrian-Turkish border, but is at a significant distance from the crash site of a Russian Su-24, where, reportedly, Russia has significantly stepped up bombing.


Russia bombed Turkish gumkonvoj 25.11.2015

Russian air force attacked a column of trucks carrying humanitarian aid on the Syrian-Turkish border. Seven people are killed and 10 injured.

The convoy had been heading to the town of Aazaz in northern Syria near Aleppo, where the refugee camp.
20 trucks carrying humanitarian aid were burnt to ashes.

Witnesses stated that during an attack on a convoy of trucks with humanitarian aid worth of Russian air force.

In response to these actions, Turkey tightens military equipment to the border.

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