In Russia drops the "iron curtain" to the applause of the "zatokrymnaš"


Within the framework of its programme of "Damned questions," spoke with the famous human rights activist, an employee of the Russian organization "for human rights" Eugene Vital′evičem IhlOvym. Very helpful spoke. Very informative work.

Initially talked about whether it makes sense in General to engage in human rights activities in Russia today. The "iron curtain" to the applause of the "zatokrymnaš" is omitted. We remain alone with the courts, which we SENT to Putin. Stopped at that

1. Fight, resist, even in such circumstances it is more profitable than "folded legs. Generally in complete stripping of the opposition human rights network useful to save for future generations. So they started not on vyžžennom field.

2. If you can help at least one Granny to solve the problem, for example, to the apartment, where her language proficiency, this is useful and good.

Well, in the second part we talked a lot about the laws and draft laws that have been adopted by the State Duma, or could be taken. Here's an overview.

"A law banning Street civil activity (given the title" folk "laws).

Here the logic is clear. People came out in large numbers on nesoglasovanney shares. Fines funny-$ 9.95 (for the party), 1000 (organizer). Dai-Ka, decide will raise fines to hundreds of thousands of rubles and ban the leaders with administrativku, be liable to claimants shares. But the people immediately began jettisoned to appeal, and the applicants took the activists alternately. And now we will just saždat′ "on a criminal case, decided in the Kremlin. Three administrative detention on promotions for 180 days (3 months)-and get 5 years. Criminal case won't be taken moderately. "Spot" in the paper for a lifetime.

"The law against known bloggers-whistle-blowers."

Here is clear. Not wrote about šubohraniliŝa, apartments in Miami Beach, children abroad, the company "Gunvor, svorovannye theses. Check the facts. There are facts, no facts in court. Still lose. Any. Because it's our Court ". And "estimated"! Put it in the … Here is one well-known blogger estimated wrote that it seems to him that one politician like the person abusing drugs. The result? "OUR COURT". Blogger lost.

"The law against historians»

In fact this law sounds different. Something about a ban on the rehabilitation of fascism, etc, etc. Very funny when the Kremlin mouthpieces say about "good to 39, Hitler" and "Russians of the Aryans with the Carpathian Mountains". But the point is that you must not doubt that during the second world war, the USSR launching wars of aggression and crimes against humanity. I.e. forget Katyn and if you say that Finnish War-aggressive -5 years in prison. Pliz.

This includes the prohibition, which makes it impossible to doubt the grandeur days of military glory, starting with 13 centuries. Say what you priderživaeš′sâ TZ German historians who believe the battle frontier skirmish unimportance; or podvergneš′ criticized the usefulness of the battle of Chesma, after which Turkey from ally turned into the worst enemy of Russia and participated in three wars against it-pliz …

"The law against foreign civil servants and wives of Ukrainians"

Within 30 days (it is not known where measure) when obtaining second citizenship people must report "where it should be" about it. It's the law against the Ukrainians, who want to "disguise the Ukrainian passport and the wives of government officials, not to married-foreign spies.

"Act against any attempt civil disobedience."

Well, this is a complete … for organizing and participating in a riot-up to 15 years. Crowd control our management believes what happens in slovyansk. There's great patriotic war. But if someone thought the swamp witch Orange riot policeman is Yes. Up to 15 years. Or if you teach someone how to behave during a peaceful civil disobedience-duration of the same.

Conclusion? Go only to authorized rallies in "paddock", better don't go nowhere at all, Sidi homes on odnoklassniki upload photos with your beloved cat, see the program "time" and Kiseleva.

What follows from this? What is the "ray of hope"? Human rights activist quoted lines of one book. "Any last for authoritarian action politrežima it happens ALWAYS inconsistent".



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