Israel is exploring options of gas supplies to Europe-MEDIA


Gas pipeline from Israel to completely rid the southern Europe from gas dependence on Russia

Israel invited the States of the European Union (EU) to build a gas pipeline from its deposits "Tamar" on the Mediterranean coast through Cyprus and Greece. If it is built, Israel can completely prevent EU countries from the need to supply gas from Russia.
According to The Times of Israel, with the proposal recently made by Energy Minister Silvan Shalom.

After talking with energy ministers of Mediterranean EU member countries, Shalom said that they fully endorsed the idea. In particular, Cyprus, Greece and Italy are ready to implement such a project.

A final decision on the commencement of work on a plan to be adopted in mid-December in Brussels, where Israel intends to present its proposal. As we have informed, 18-19 December in Brussels scheduled meeting of European officials.

According to preliminary calculations, the first pipeline from the field "Tamar" in Israel to Cyprus and then to Greece and Italy.

The Times of Israel recalls that "Tamar" was opened in the year 2009; in March 2013 here started commercial production. The geologists estimate at around 8.5 trillion cubic meters. To the North of Haifa, the Israelis opened another field, "Leviathan", with 16-18 trillion cubic meters of natural gas.

Talk about how exactly to deliver gas to Europe from Israel, maintained since early autumn. Recently, Turkey stated that transit through its territory, could prove to be the most effective and justified.


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