Kirill SAZONOV: Hungry Russia


Russian sausage-from imported beef with imported dyes and additives. From domestic, consisting of sausages just toilet paper.

The Russian authorities have decided to treat its own people curative fasting. From what the Russian Government did not specify the illness. So January 1, 2016 onwards will be allowed entry to Russia a number of foodstuffs from Turkey.

Thus, Turkey would not be able to deliver to Russia oranges, mandarins, grapes, apples, pears, apricots, peaches and nectarines, plums, strawberries and strawberry. In the restrictive list also hit and vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower and broccoli, onion.

Because just go without fruits and vegetables can hardly be called starvation, also denied imports of frozen parts of carcasses of turkeys and chickens from Turkey. Cloves banned yet, but this is the General background is not important-give flowers on an empty stomach, nobody will come. While grocery anti-European conspiracies sanctions remain. And Ukraine feed crazed neighbor. And own production of products in Russia, as before, limps on both legs.

According to official statistics, Russia imports from 20% to 30% of food. But it is only a direct delivery. There is a decent share of the hidden import, when in Russia are imported ingredients or simply the finished products on site just packed and sign "made in Russia". That is the real dependency is not less than 50%. Russian sausage-from imported beef with imported dyes and additives. From domestic, consisting of sausages only toilet paper, and even then, if the local "kulibiny" were able to hack Office imported the same machine.

Russia critically depends on the import of meat, fish, eggs, grains, vegetables and fruits. According to statistics, two years ago the only product to which the RUSSIAN FEDERATION provides itself to 100% and does not import-Swede. Everything else is missing.

Of course, traditionally to "sick brother" Belarus will come. And never mind that there's too little food surplus. Crafty Bac′ko already delivers neighbor Belarusian salmon and other gifts of seas, meats, cheeses, even flowers, very similar to the Dutch. Only export of Belarusian watermelons in Russia over the past year has grown seven times! The absence of at least one nobody confused melons-like lack of ocean fishing for appropriate fish. But re-export opportunities for Belarus are not unlimited, and stop this circus can be at any time. At will of the his main challengers, European Union or United States.

In fact today the Kremlin with its sanctions just looks silly. He recalls a husband whose wife is thrown out of the House, and he answers … She threatens to leave. You cannot face ban import, if you're critical of him zavisiš′. The result is predictable-shortage, speculation, familiar older generation "not more than two packs of dumplings in one hand, empty store shelves, distributors for the officials. Familiar picture? Very. Haven't forgotten. And where they finish this game, too, you know. Especially against the backdrop of falling oil prices. Then big and collapsed patient Empire. Today, history repeats itself as farce.

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