Kudos Rabinovich: "Hybrid otvetočka" Putin


It seems that Turkey and NATO decided to repay Putleru of the same coin: impersonate hoses and start playing a game called "hybrid war".

In fact, NATO said that it is not quite the case of NATO, because Turkey has the right to defend itself, and not an act of war. And Erdogan went further and stated that the aircraft belongs to the Russian Aviation Turkish military did not know. "The fact that the plane belongs to the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, became clear only after Russian authorities claimed".

Ahahahahaha! Keep me seven! The Turkish military did not know! Ahahahahaha!

Putler jeered at over Ukrainians plenty. Within one and a half years, he selected the Ukrainian lands, "utûžil Grad" Donbas zasylal "miners" and other Buryats "on trucks and tanks. And live on tv stated that "Ukraine is not Russia". And who knocked MN-17 we don't know and we are not concerned.

And then, finally, came the "hybrid otvetočka", not only from Ukraine. From Turkey and NATO. Putin is already the whole day carry connectivity on the table and nouzom on dèsk, and it is not vrubaetsâ, because just as dumb as his tree shoigu. And this tactic NATO is smart. And the tactic continues. Before you know it, and places in Syria with the-300 and s-400 to go somewhere by accident. And then here is this is Margarita Simonyan asked Erdogan: "what happened to our military cargo?" and Recep Tayyip Erdogan: "It sank."

You understand that he, in fact, already said?

Kudos to Rabinovich, obozrevatel.com

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