Mass media: Russia in Syria strikes on positions of the Turkomans


The Russian army since the start of operations in Syria 30 September this year has caused at least 17 strikes on territory occupied by Syrian Turkmen, reports the Reuters news agency, referring to a comparison of the data published by the Russian Ministry of defence.

These include the Syrian cities of Salma, Gmam and Kesladšuk, where, according to human rights groups, ethnic Turkmens make up the majority of the population. The Russian military has stressed that these settlements were destroyed ammunition bunkers, command posts and suicide belts production plant.

At the same time, Western experts argue that Salma, which was bombed at least eight times, considered the base of rebel detachments Turkomans, fighting with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. "Before the incident with the Russian troops attacked the RUSSIAN bomber several large-scale attacks on areas of the Turkmens", said a spokesman for Turkmen in Syria Samar Alo, adding that thousands of Turkmen families to flee to the border.

Turkish AIR FORCE shot down a Russian Su-24 under the pretext that it violated the country's airspace. In defense of the Russian Federation stated that the violation has occurred. Bomber fell on the territory of Syria, in 4 km from the Turkish border. As a result, the pilot was killed, and because of the fire from the ground, but the pilot managed to save. Also during the search operation killed marine-soldier when rebels mortar fire destroyed the forced landing Russian helicopter Mi-8.

The day after the incident, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian planes were conducting an operation against GAM in North of Latakia, in mountainous areas where insurgents are concentrated. Erdogan, commenting on the incident Wednesday, said that Ankara does not want to escalate the conflict, however, noted that the attack on the plane was the protection of national security and "the rights of our brothers".

Turkish leader actually refuted the statement by Putin that Russian aircraft performed the anti-terrorism Mission against IG. He stressed that in the area there are no fighters there live Syrian Turkmen, to protect whom Ankara claimed. In turn, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that Turkey is not interested in the deterioration of relations with Russia, but will not allow impunity to attack Syrian Turkomans under the pretext of combating terrorism.

According to reports by Western journalists, Russia has not stopped bombing the area where a Russian bomber was shot down. Reuters previously reported that a massive bombardment began OLG Russian parts of the Syrian governorate of Latakia and airstrikes were positions "free Syrian army" and homes of Syrian Turkomans, struggle for rights Ankara justifies attack Russian aircraft.

Due to the hostilities, about seven thousand Syrian Turkmens were forced to leave their homes and seek more peaceful areas. According to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, over the past few days, about two thousands of people fleeing from Russian air strikes, moved to the southern part of Turkey.

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