NATO launched the trust funds for assistance to Ukraine in the defense


Created by NATO trust funds for assistance in the conduct of the Ukrainian defence reform began, said on Tuesday the Alliance's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

"Today, these funds are running," Stoltenberg said at a press conference in Brussels.

As was reported at the Ukrainian mission to NATO, the first fund created for modernization and automation, communications systems and involves upgrading the capacity of communications systems and Automation control of troops of the armed forces of Ukraine in accordance with modern standards. Contributors to the Fund become United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey and NATO civil budget.

The second fund created for the purpose of retraining and social adaptation of military personnel and is designed to meet the needs of psychological and social adaptation of the servicemen in the anti-terrorist operation zone in Ukraine. The Fund's contributors have become Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal and Turkey.

The third Fund relates to the physical rehabilitation programme (prosthetics) wounded soldiers, and is aimed at both the rehabilitation assistance to individual soldiers and the establishment of a system of rehabilitation for wounded military personnel in Ukraine. Contributors to this Trust Fund were made by Bulgaria, Slovakia and the NATO civil budget.

Ukraine and NATO have also announced the establishment of a Fund for the reform of logistics and standardization of the armed forces of Ukraine, aimed at supporting the logistics and implementing NATO standards in the armed forces of Ukraine. The Fund's contributors have become Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, the Czech Republic and NATO civil budget.

The fifth Fund aims to fight cybercrime, and aims to develop cyber security systems in accordance with the most advanced standards of NATO member countries. Contributors to the Fund become Estonia, Romania, Turkey, Hungary.

In General, about the intention to contribute to the trust funds for Ukraine said 26 NATO member countries.

Earlier a group of "IP" reported that Ukraine must decide their future without any external influence.

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