October 27: United States gathered in Syria, Turkey started to beat the Kurds


The Americans are thinking about ground operations in Syria, have sent ships to the Chinese "territorial waters", while the Russians received the first coffin from Syria

1. Today's review I want to start with news from Syria, where began very interesting movement. Turkish troops began to cause artillery strikes against the Kurds, actively fighting against militants of the Islamic State in the Syrian province ar-Raqqah. The reason for the attack on the main United States allies in this war was the seizure of Kurdish border town of Tal Abyad, through which earlier the IG carried out supply their troops from Turkey. Ankara was extremely concerned about the success of Kurds in the border zone, considering them a direct threat to its own security. A week ago, Turkey formally cautioned the United States from helping the Syrian Kurds, although the Americans have already started to dump arms and munitions from planes. A situation where the only effective force capable to carry the IG, while Turks and bash support the United States, could lead to complicating relations between Washington and Ankara.

2. In the Washington, D.c., meanwhile, began serious talks about joining the United States in the war against the Islamic State of ground troops. According to The Washington Post, Obama advisers unanimously insisted on sending in the combat zone u.s. special forces units, as well as to increase the role of advisers in the Iraqi army. Although the full participation of the American army in the battles of speech until it goes, the publication notes that these conversations in the White House and the Pentagon testify to being dissatisfied with the leadership of United States prevailing in the war deadlock situation and lack of progress in the fight against GAM. The participation of u.s. special forces in the war against the GAM could allay concerns of Turkey, which is unhappy with the transition all new settlements under the control of the Kurds.

3. Simultaneously with the Middle East situation has sharply deteriorated and the South China Sea (ÛKM, where the increasing pace of the u.s.-Chinese standoff. Today the USS Lassen» walked past one of the artificial islands in the nasypannyh ÛKM, going with this exclusive 12-mile zone, CHINA proclaimed around the island. Thus United States made it clear that it does not recognize China's claims to these islands and do not consider them to be sovereign Chinese territory. Beijing blew fierce statements harshly condemning the actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the American sailors, "invading sovereign Chinese waters, and accused the United States in provocation and" creating a hazardous situation. The Chinese accelerated tempo build up all the island in ÛKM, turning them into military bases, airfields and ports. Now that the base is not ready, the PRC can not nothing to respond to the actions of the us military, however, soon, the situation could change. China, let me remind you, considers all the South China Sea and its area, and the United States disagree, accusing Beijing of violating the principles of free navigation.

4. Very unlucky period came for the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres, whose staff provide free medical care to poor and warring countries. Today the Saudi aircraft attacked a small hospital in Yemen, where physicians from different countries treat locals, deprived of their usual access to medicines because of Saudi embargo of that country. Since the air strikes were made at night, no fatalities, but several people were injured. The building of the hospital was completely destroyed, the inhabitants of the town of Saada (North Yemen) were totally deprived of medical care. Let me remind you that this is the second such episode with "Doctors without borders" for the last month: a few weeks earlier, an American aviation erased from the face of the Earth, their hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz, killing dozens of people.

5. Today it's confirmation of the death of the first Russian soldier in Syria. Parents of slain Vadim Kostenko told their son really served in Syria but categorically refused to believe the version of the Ministry of defense that he had died as a result of suicide. According to the victim's mother, she often spoke to him on the phone, he was quite satisfied with life, no complaining and certainly wasn't going to go away. Words Vadim Kostenko chiefs that he imposed on himself because of the girls ' parents called drivel.

6. While Russian soldiers are killed in Syria, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu continues to live quite well. Today the "Fund for the fight against corruption," Alexei Navalny has published an investigation about the Housing Minister. It turned out that his palace in Oriental style is on the "golden land" hectare in barvikha. Only the Palace has no less than nine million dollars, and recorded all this goodness on sister wives Shoigu-Elena Antipinu, whose money has never been and could not be. In General, all as usual.

7. Oh and the latest news on today is about culture. So, the Ukrainian authorities today barred hire throughout the country series "Brigada" and seven more Russian films and serials. Meanwhile, Russia cancelled a screening of the Polish film "Katyn", a St. Petersburg court forbade public MDK in contact. In General, the culture grows and develops, which is good.


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