Oleg Panfilov: Propaganda on the ice. Moscow slips and can not stop

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Russian information war against Turkey is so useless and ridiculous, that resembles a raving lunatic in solitary confinement

The next public appearance of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly and invited guests in Russia is being touted as an important event. Foreign agencies too filled with quotations from the speech of Russian leader, renderings of his "wise thoughts and passages. For the first time in his 15 years as long as Putin gave no "near abroad", as in Ukraine last year, and even earlier mentioned Georgia. This time the main topic had been Turkey. If you would like Putin spoke in the alleyway, it would hardly have found calm Turks not to fill the snout klevetniku. But Putin knows-appearance with its rostrum, no commitment, especially appealed to Russians, Georgian writes Professor Oleg Panfilov for Crimea. Realities.

24 November Russia started new information war, at that time with Turkey. Typically, information warfare are prepared in advance, as is the case with Ukraine or Georgia, this time decor began suddenly, as if Putin suddenly something začesalos′, and he is forgetting to embrace Erdogan, smiles and promises to live together, started the war without preparation. The first words of Putin after downed Su-24 resembled sob offended child-he immediately accused the Turkish President in all sins, beginning with the purchase of oil from the IGIL and ending with threats to support the Kurds. Probably, Putin earlier on this thought, and here such an excuse is shot down a bomber which bombed refugees-Turkmen.

Hysteria is not terminated and is unlikely to stop soon. On the contrary, it evolves, as if Putin stood on the slippery ice, iterates through the kicking, excuse-language, and cannot stay. The Russians, who believe he is listening, but judging by the comments on social networks, supporters of the Kremlin hysterically less and less. For whom said Putin and for whom it rebroadcast the Russian media? Exclusively for themselves.

Of all the Russian information warfare, which with different intensity and degree of preparation to pass the last 15 years, Turkish is the most unnecessary. When the second Chechen war began, propaganda was already ready to take revenge on Chechens for lost the first war, and during the period of calm to Putin's revenge were three years of training. While Russian security services have tried in kidnapping journalists and employees of international organizations, creating the image of Chechen-thug and terrorist. Starting the second world war, Putin simply closed Chechnya to journalists that nobody knew anything about the bombings, mass abductions of Chechens and multiple murders. With the year 2000 television said only that the Kremlin wanted.

The first words of Putin after downed Su-24 resembled sob offended child

Second information war against Georgia was useless: by the time few people watched Russian tv channels, and Russian newspapers was not altogether. Print media now has no influence to the same Russian language became rapidly go out of circulation. From the first day of the war the Georgian authorities demanded that ISPs disconnect information Russian channels, and for five years, until it was in Georgian houses, the new generation of young people, not only do not speak Russian, but absolutely not interested in Russia. The information war against Georgia more likely was aimed at Russians who until recently largely, until August 2008 year, good attitude towards Georgians and Georgian culture, loved "mimino" and Nani Bregvadze, drinking Georgian wine and Borjomi. Russian propaganda its chief information kick sent against President Saakashvili, as it turned out, then the main enemy of Putin. The rebound hit on many: Vakhtang Kikabidze, for instance, stopped calls fans, restaurants in Moscow banned Georgian music.

Russian war in Ukraine took place smoothly, without any special obstacles: Ukrainian power only a year later started off Russian tv channels, which would lie all the time. The Kremlin propaganda unspeakably lucky-Ukrainian population knows Russian language, not all are influenced by, but a significant portion of the population in Eastern and southern Ukraine-exactly. Prior to the annexation of almost all Crimea, with rare exceptions ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, knew more about what was happening in Moscow than in Kiev. It is strange that the Ukrainian authorities had not guessed to neutralize Russian tv channels once was captured in Crimea. With time and international organizations have realized the dangers is the Russian information warfare and propaganda. Now passion and propagandozavisimyh in Ukraine is less than a year later-two and does diminish when the majority will understand the magnitude of the redistributable FIBS.

With Turkey the Kremlin suffered a mishap. Affect the Turkish population of Russian propaganda cannot-the Russian-speaking population there a little, and "nataški" are not interested in policy. According to various sources, Russians in Turkey about 50 thousand, half of them-"Turkish wife, who also is not likely to policy. To whom then fattens, toiling Russian President, day after day, insulting Turkish counterpart? First of all, for the Russians, to whom it is time to explain what is happening with the previous war and with all the others, which Putin managed to hold for his fifteen years. Need to explain what money live Ramzan Kadyrov and why vytvorâemoe they on the territory of Chechnya resembles the IGIL, rather than the Russian region? Why fought with Georgia, if the new Government did not even stop on their way to the EU and NATO, and the hope was to about to come back under Kremlin wing? Finally, why are no longer "New" and "DNI" LNR "and finally turned into a washing area where stolen" humanitarian assistance "and all that the arm gets? And why the Crimea has appeared odd Russian region where several Crimean Tatars put 3 million region before the dependence on Ukrainian electricity.

For whom, toiling Putin? I would venture to say-for myself, purely for myself. Putin found himself in a situation where you need no longer auto-training for calming and autosuggestion-it frightens and reassures himself, he insults, as before, and thinks that he is incomparably better than them. Putin denies the Russians eat quality food and believed that they zataili love to him for a long time, despite a constant reminder on pesticides and herbicides. Putin holds a strange and terrible experiment on the population of Russia, which someone accurately called "obydlâčivaniem". He hoped that the Russians would love him the same as loved Stalin for executions and repression for queues in shops and monstrous crime. Putin feels that he would be unable to return to the past, not all and not the best part, so angry, vymeŝaet evil on the other, still hoping that a fact still make it a world leader. But it doesn't work.

Another strange detail in the information war with Turkey, which occurred seven years ago in a war with Georgia. Personal animosity toward Saakashvili and was motivated by the youth of the Georgian President, and his erudition, and most importantly, the desire to build a modern State. Therefore, an important part of the Russian information warfare attack against Saakashvili were directly: were going to gossip, as incredible stories that pro-Israel on Russian television channels. Now the same thing is happening in regard to Erdogan. No gossip, no stories about "flying ashtrays, which Saakashvili had allegedly killed rivals, but clearly with a hint that the Turkish President faces wrath of the people." During a speech to the Federal Assembly, Putin moved on "red line", which is usually difficult to restore relations. He stated that "Allah decided to punish the ruling clique of Turkey, depriving her of reason and persuasion. Of course, this part of the speech of the Russian President will definitely show on Turkish channels, and if Putin thinks he humiliated Erdogan, deeply mistaken-in this situation the population sympathizes. As in the 2008 year in Georgia.

Putin recently remembered about her childhood in the alleyway. This caused many a smile, especially when looking at baby pictures of feeble boys, who claims that "the first beat. If Putin and spent some time in the alleyway, then most likely, as anyone whose "sixes" used wrongly to insult people. Russian information war against Turkey is so useless and ridiculous, that resembles a raving lunatic in solitary confinement.

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