Oleg SEXTON: we expect exciting and very rich two months


Plan "showcase" enters the implementation stage and moves very sharply with the bat.

On the calendar Monday-new week and a new month.
What important happened during those days?
-Crashed Russian Charter.

I will not write much about it. Because the theme is sick and immediately begin to shed accusations of PR on the mountain. Although, I think this is not correct-to blow up apartment buildings or airplanes you might as well write who benefits? I'm hot on the heels of analysed, you have already been able to verify that it has been confirmed. Therefore, I will not say much more, except one (the rest-dodumaete)-soon and Lavrov and Pu-Tin at all possible venues would repeat the same message-"Russia has engaged in combat" international terrorism, "along with other countries, and now Russia is paying a very heavy price for it. But we knew what went on and so forth … "

From me again-condolences to the innocent victims.

-Parliamentary elections in Turkey.
It seems-Erdogan WINS. I think it's not bad.
Turkey gave the United States its base for raids on the IGIL in Syria. Turkey actually buried the "Turkish stream" gas from Russia, etc. Erdogan is not the worst option for now.

Kerry visited 5 ex-USSR to Central Asia and spent a great deal of work with them. All want to cooperate) and it's very important on the eve of the emerging developments in Afghanistan.

And now the most important and most interesting-what awaits us?
We expect the dizzying (in a good sense) for two months. Plan "showcase" enters the implementation stage and moves very sharply with the bat. But first restore the chronology (for new readers).

I wrote about it in mid-July, Biden at the donor conference on the Ukraine in the United States. It is on the network and there are many explicit and hidden messages. I believe the programme and guiding-everything that is and in Ukraine. Recall. Joseph said-
Ukraine has a strategy and new laws to combat corruption. And now it's time to sit down to jail the perpetrators. ("Ukraine has a strategy and new laws to fight corruption. Now you have to put people in jail. ")

Also he said to draw all attention to our Natalku-the Iron Lady.

Then he also said that after the arrival of the Penny will receive third Ukraine billion, but with the condition-reform and landing.

Go ahead.
In Payette, said Friday that the United States supports "new" prosecutors. What do you mean new? A new mean-anti-corruption, where the main role will be played by Sakvarelidze and Kas′ko. Suppose that after the appointment of a new anti-corruption Prosecutor, to be held before December 1, we learn, and the name of the new Gene. Prosecutor. But only after.

Go ahead.
A few days ago in Spain and on TV Saturday, Saakashvili said the same as Biden. So I'm sure we will see exciting two months. Area for investment and privatization will be cleared quickly and the draft "Vitrina" will be released at the second stage-an infusion of money.

People ask me these days-Oleg, you sure?
And I answer-of course. Why do I think so?

Before starting such things necessarily is a resource. Corny-will there be enough forces. Also calculated resource of enemy forces (of oligarchs and corrupt). And this analysis shows that the preponderance of progressive forces obvious.
Country, society and people will support such actions. Because this is a huge request. But there should be no selectivity in corruption should be punished from all camps (oligarchic and political). Understand whether this top?
At stake is the reputation of excellent and respected people (see. above). And they could not make such statements, if not going to act decisively and not going would reinforce his words matter.
So again-we expect exciting and very rich two months. ..
And yet happy!) Should be adopted amendments to the Constitution, the laws of decentralization for the visa-free regime, judicial reform.

Only have time to insert baskets!)
And we will continue to help our army guys already cool in the mornings.

And participate in the change-each in its place, as the forces and capabilities.


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