Only 2 out of 57 RUSSIAN air strikes hit targets associated with the IG, Prime Minister of Turkey


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet davutoglu said that only 2 stroke from 57, committed Russian air attack in Syria, had been inflicted on targets associated with the extremist group "Islamic State".

According to the Censor, it is reported by the Russian air force.

The Turkish Prime Minister said that he did not want to conflict in Syria has caused a deterioration of relations between NATO and Russia or between Turkey and Russia. However, he added that Turkey, as a member of the Alliance will not tolerate breaches of security at its borders or in its airspace.

The Turkish Foreign Minister in turn said that Ankara offers Russian and Turkish military meet to discuss how to avoid future violations by Russian planes of the air space of Turkey.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that consultations are already underway.

"Today, in the early morning at the National Centre for management of defence of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION Ministry of defense experts continued working-level consultations with Turkish counterparts on implementing incident prevention mechanism within the airspace of the Syrian-Turkish border," said the Interfax Russian military official, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov.

As we have informed, Russian aircraft began strikes on sites in Syria on September 30. Shortly after the bombing, human rights organizations, as well as NATO's leadership claimed that the blows are applied to areas where there are no fighters and victims of raids become civilians.

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