Poolside Russia with blood

Without a name

Some of the events that precede the big fight, the press does not illuminate, at least its army remained closed to the press. It is understandable, the size, composition and location of the deployed troops will always be classified as "secret". Now we see it in RUSSIA, where there are all, as well as the deployment of troops in a south-westerly direction, but local press cheerfully reports "exercises".

Something similar is happening right now in Turkey. Press about this silent, but already are not officially reported that began the mobilization of the reserve of the Turkish military. In addition, the Turkish FOREIGN MINISTRY demonstrates unprecedented activity in a series of secret talks with the participation of representatives of law enforcement agencies. So, today held negotiations with Israel. Officially, it was reported that the parties had agreed to fully exhaust the conflict over the shooting of a Turkish convoy in Palestine. It is reported that Turkey renounced claims to Israel, and he is agreeing to pay compensation to the victims. It follows from this that the conflict is over, and right behind the defensive issues were discussed, which are secret. You can assume that we are talking about resumption of military-technical cooperation, suspended as a result of the conflict.

In addition, on several diplomatic channels, Turkey held talks with the United States regarding their cooperation with Kurdish rebels, who operate on the Turkish-Syrian and Turkish-Iraqi border. As we have informed, the Kurds are promoting the idea of the creation of the State of Kurdistan, from part of the territories of Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran. States use the same Kurdish ground forces to fight the IGIL, whose captured territory, almost completely coincide with the Kurdish claims. Indeed, such an attitude of United States and led to a cooling of Turkish-American relations, but now nature of threats has changed and it was likely that the Turks and Americans exchanged guarantees that States will certainly support the territorial integrity of Turkey, with all variants support in the event of its violation. In turn, Turks were turning a blind eye to the cooperating States have with the Kurds.

This is all the more likely in light of yesterday's provakacii of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, which allows opening in Moscow representation «Western Kurdistan. Here Putin shows just the tops of cynicism, because Kurds and moderate opposition, in its essence, is a separatist, anti-Government movement, opposing both the IGIL and Asaadu, but the first is get Mission in the capital of Russia, and the latter is destroyed along with settlements. The difference is they have only that Kurds still resist and Turkey and moderate opposition refers to it neutrally.

In this situation, actions by Turkey, which began mobilizing and tries to close all unnecessary conflicts, recalls preparing for the great war. She's already almost got two fronts of confrontation with Russia. The first is on the sirijskojm direction, the second is in Armenian, where Russia has military bases and about which we hear almost nothing now. But Russian media, bypassing the slippery issues, attention successfully highlighted the whole situation on the other side. In order to understand what Russians are prepared enough to read current headlines submitted by RIA "Novosti":

"In Moscow the West opens representation of Kurdistan"

"Moscow has forced Erdogan to swallow the bitter pill"

"Ankara's ultimatum to put an end to trust between the United States and Turkey"

"NATO" prozevala "strengthening of Russia on the Black Sea»

"Russia has revived the legendary guards tank army

That is, the Russians right now is driven into the spinal cord, that war with Turkey is almost decided, and necessary. and given that Ankara is an unpredictable partner, no one faces certain for it. For this reason, the Russians have nothing to worry about. Repulsed by the resorts of Crimea and Abkhazia, otob′em and resorts of Turkey. All this is reminiscent of the militaristic frenzy before WWII. Here's what the headers at the Soviet press in the run-up to the war:

"We are ready to fight"

"Curb out-and-out thugs"

"Too far going to repel dogs"

"On the first call will be in the ranks of the Red Army"

And here is quite distant from politics wrote the newspaper "Soviet art." And "Krasnaya Zvezda wrote more particularly on the eve of the German invasion:

"A year of great victories (indeed, 1941, became a year of great victories)

"Europe in darkness"

"New victories of Soviet foreign policy»

Central press simply makes no sense to quote. Only totally blind or brainless vegetable sees no analogies and does not understand, where Putin drags his huge hadyuchnyk. If only begin direct Russian-Turkish conflict, Russia will introduce martial law and citizens will be in stall already it is under martial law. Everybody can see what it is. Putin's regime is simply requires the introduction of shootings. Without this it will be very difficult. And here's what will shoot — look at predecessors: English, German, Japanese, etc. -spy.

Now is the fun part. Here's domination battle began with Turkey. Now the Russians must remember and not hit anyone with a regular there bungalow or something like that? With tour operators is clear who had not cooperated with the Office-will go under the knife, but many are simply too, somehow, loved to ride it is in Turkey! Now it's time to remove your photo from Antalya, Bodrum and Fethiye, because then it will be too late. Russia stands on the threshold of great events and great blood.


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