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Russian truckers for two weeks hindered traffic on federal highways in the country, protesting against the new road tax (in Russian it is called "Plato"), collect (20% Commission) associated with Putin's oligarchs Rotenbergi. Today protesters threatened to block Moscow if their demands were not met by radical restructuring of the Government.

Russian RIOT POLICE and TRAFFIC POLICE unable to stop the convoy, while the Government refuses to negotiate. Putin's propaganda machine is not able to discharge the traitors and agents, the CIA three million citizens of the country. It can only write with indignation about how Turkey was hit by a Russian aircraft. The Kremlin faces its own version of National Independence.

Russian truckers through social networks thwart Kremlin security countermeasures. They require the "Plato", the resignation of those responsible, including the Transport Minister and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, as well as the imposition of a fine on the Rotenbergov in the amount of half a billion dollars. If their demands are not met, the drivers intended to paralyze traffic in the capital. Attempt to negotiate failed, when the Russian Minister of transport arranged for public MEDIA pretended meeting with bogus long-haul truckers. Despite the tight security measures in Moscow arrived 200 trucks. Drivers join protests of personal transportation, and it sounds very ominous for the Kremlin.

Kremlin media struggling to diminish nationwide strike (or invisible), posting only a rare "good news", for example, about how drivers on Kuban decided to forgo participation in the protests.

Caught in a quandary of the Kremlin's MEDIA cannot resort to its usual stories about "foreign enemies and CIA agents", since it was the Russian working class. World media still do not notice this most serious threat to Putin's regime since mass demonstrations late 2011 year.

Protests by the drivers even forced the Duma to act somewhat like a real Parliament. Truckers was supported by all parties except the ruling United Russia: Communists, fair Russia and the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. On 5 December they planned demonstrations across the country. What happened with Putin a docile Parliament?

Vladimir Putin came to power, promising growth and prosperity. Nedomogaûŝaâ the Russian economy is no longer able to carry out these promises, and this weakens the Kremlin. However, the liberal opposition is not enough strong to put an end to Putin's kleptocracy. A mortal blow on it should cause major loyalists-workers (including truck drivers) and pensioners, in response to the delay in wages, the decline in the standard of living and the theft of putinskimi approximate billion people's money.

Marks the second anniversary of the protests in Kiev, Ukraine, that dare to friend with Moscow Viktor Yanukovych's regime. Those commentators who thought that protests on independence will end in victory, at the time considered insane of all. But as we know, Majdan so badly frightened by the Kremlin, Putin promised to thwart and subvert any future Maidan, for example, a popular uprising against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Putin understands that strong and reliable on the kind of regimes can be scattered suddenly and unpredictably. The Kremlin realizes that apolitical Russian truckers are able to arouse Russian spring as regular Tunisian merchant sparked Arab spring, an expression of popular discontent with corruption and mismanagement. It is no coincidence that truckers bore banners reading "Rothenberg worse than IGIL" and "Russia without Rotenberga. This slogan was removed only Putin's name. The motto of the Liberal rebellion in November 2011 was "Russia without Putin".

The official news agency TASS 20 November issued a rare degrees of frankness "expert opinion", which contained the dangerous consequences of a strike of truckers: "this theme has acquired Russian context, and in the movement of protest involved a numerically small but tight-knit group and mobile professionals. For these reasons, the current protests much more dangerous for the authorities, than all those shares which staged the Liberals, which have restricted their rallies Moscow city centre.

Conclusion is that the Kremlin is able to handle the few frightened Liberals. However, millions of workers protesting against oppressive State action and state theft, evoke sympathy from ordinary Russians, who also suffered from corruption and mismanagement. Kremlin trolls this sympathy does not destroy. If the Kremlin will comply with the requirements of the truckers, your requirements will be made by and others (automobile workers oilmen). Currently, drivers in its manifest required to dismiss the head of Putin's Government, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, as well as punish close to Putin's kleptocrats. And they have the power to paralyze Moscow. What makes Putin?

One liberal Russian journalist briefly outlines its views on this matter: "For our authorities protest truckers are much more dangerous than all the terrorists in the world. Because, as we can see, the terrorists are dangerous not for chiefs and ordinary citizens-for subway passengers and aircraft, for those who sit in the stadium or at the Café. Secondly, they are more dangerous, because the attacks rally people around their leader, but the strike threatens resignation of Government. "

It is no surprise that the Kremlin is scared and in uncharacteristic fashion for it is silent.

Late afternoon Moscow time, the authorities managed to stop today's demonstration. Eve they began arresting "leaders" truckers (who say that spontaneous protests no leaders). RIOT POLICE blocked the main road leading to Moscow. Police stop convoys under the pretext of technical violations or "terrorist intentions". Disarray and the drivers continue to March on Moscow from all over Russia. When the simple Russians express support to them. Putin's Press-Secretary claims that the Russian President had not received a copy of the manifest for the truckers.

May now be stopped drivers, but they have shown that they know how and who supports Putin's regime. Their anger and resentment will persist. Protest actions will continue, even if Moscow will closed for them. Applying the repression of its own citizens and supporters protest, Putin destroys the myth that he acts in the interests of the people. Truckers and Russian people generally understand that Putin with its environment acts for the sake of their own narrow interests rather than for the sake of prosperity, development and the glory of great Russia.

Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes


While the largest protest in recent times had swept Russia in Thursday, 19 November. On the same day across the country, thousands of truckers rebelled against the system, "Plato". And in the Tver region, during a protest rally in an accident even killed one of the participants.

But on Monday, 30 November, Russian truckers announced universal trip to Moscow, to override the MKAD. Where, however, the Russian authorities have begun to actively discourage this.

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