Putin left, problems remained: what happens with the light in the Crimea

Crimeans are preparing to become used to the schedule power supply fan Photo: UNIAN
Crimeans are preparing to become used to the schedule fan èlektroènergiiFot
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After the visit of Vladimir Putin to Crimea and symbolic inclusion switch in Simferopol, which was supposed to start with "energy bridge" Kuban, light supply situation on the peninsula has improved far from everywhere. It's like happy those who counted on salvation from Russian President. However, sceptics crimeans are preparing for the fact that after promotion from the Kremlin them again will have to become used to the schedule power supply fan.

The shining path

Running the first thread energy bridge "Kuban-Krym", Vladimir Putin stated that "it must steadily work" and give at least 200 megawatts, while the second branch will not run 20 December, as promised earlier, and by 15, and the Crimea receive already 400 megawatts. By may 2016 year Russian President promises to supply 600 MW peninsula "more than ever before received from Ukraine.

That Vladimir Putin has arrived in Simferopol include symbolic switch, Irina from feodosiya, learned on the morning of Thursday, because on the day of the visit of the President of the Russian Federation of light in their home was not. Electricity appeared in 23:00 when the plane has long been Putin left the Crimea. "We learned about the visit when in 9:00 am got to work, then there was no Internet," says she, "Apostrophe".

Until the light in the vicinity of Feodosiya and the city itself is not disconnected, but is there a link with the breaker, which included Putin is unclear. According to one version, which, however, Irina does not believe any energy in the city through the "energy bridge" Kuban-Crimea "and had not filed, but simply put the Putin visit additional stations in Feodosia and Kerch, which produce electricity. It should be enough for two or three days.

According to a resident of Feodosia, junction station, which was built over recent months and should distribute electricity from Kerch is a separate branch, in no way connected with the TRANSMISSION LINE from Ukraine. But it has extended only to exit from feodosiya. "Dragged helicopters supports for LEP, but if there is electricity — I don't know," she explained.

Light, according to her, appeared everywhere in the pathetic moment when Vladimir Putin snapped breaker in Simferopol. "We were told that like on the ènergomostu light came across Kerch in Feodosiya, but then he can't go anywhere, and in two-three days in electricity will be in the same mode as before, i.e. approximately four to six hours per day, depending on the area. Now everyone is running around with bulging eyes, they are happy, saying "Thanks to Putin. But as will happen — we don't know, "said Irina.

The farther from Feodosia and Kerch, the electricity situation worse. In Simferopol, according to acquaintances of the woman, nothing has changed. There has been a recent light gave the 6-8 hours, depending on the area, "but it's still not a horror compared to what we had when electricity allowed for two to three hours a day."

Alice Litvinenko, who also lives in Simferopol, recognizes "Apostrophe", that it was not yet significant changes observed, since most of the time is spent at work, where applying light all right: "what is happening in the city, I also do not know yet. Until 2 December were rolling blackouts, in crowded places stood any lighting posts, worked up to 20:00 ". In Alice's apartment with 23:00 to give light 6 am, noon — 11:00 to 18:00. For some time there was no central heating, at the time of the conversation, Litvinenko was not sure that the flats again gave the heat: "Among all the colleagues at work I was less lucky at all. The rest of the time the filing was more convenient, but also on the 4-5 hours, twice a day, heating was too: many boiler started, but not all. I live on the outskirts of the town, virtually any industrial and socially significant enterprises we have, so it was heavier. "

Natalya kharchenko, who lives in Simferopol in the area "Pneumatics", said after Putin's visit they have light does not turn. Earlier in the afternoon gave the 2-3 hours and the night included for a few hours. In other areas it differently, but for now, judging by the stories of friends of Natalia, light gives the same schedule as before. For example, in Marino in Light Rail area on the street. Marshala zhukova light was all this time and now gone. "I don't know whether to associate the appearance of light in my neighborhood with the arrival of Putin," said Kharchenko. On the visit of the Russian President, she, like many others cut off from the Internet and tv, residents discovered accidentally — from a taxi driver who explained why in so many cars with flashing lights.

Locals say that during the past 24 hours, the situation still improved. Somewhere in the Internet appeared after an absence for a few days. "In some areas of light in homes do not disable, but lighting the streets yet, main transport junction in the Centre of the city illuminate light columns running from generators and trolley buses on routes do not extend for more than a week", "Apostrophe" another resident of Simferopol Yuri Umansky.

After the symbolic inclusion switch in Simferopol, which was supposed to run "energy bridge" Kuban-Crimea, the situation with the supply of light on the peninsula has improved far not everywhere
After the symbolic inclusion switch in Simferopol, which was supposed to run "energy bridge" Kuban-Crimea, the situation with the supply of light on the peninsula has improved far not everywhere

Bring order

A few days before the arrival of Vladimir Putin by Anatoly Belenko, who lives in Kerch, in his livejournal skeptical praised attempts by local officials to convince residents that they are keeping the situation under control, that everywhere there are generators and gas turbines are deployed: "this is nonsense. Many said that "Aksenov (illegal" chapter "of the Crimea —" Apostrophe ") will come — the order of moves." Putin does not let its people down. But somehow "energy bridge" was built almost two years, and still unclear when its put into operation. On all channels, only Syria, airplane, hero Navigator, Turkey ".

Kerch since at the end of the previous week unknown assailants cut off electricity from the Crimea, blowing up the pylon in the Kherson region, has suffered from a lack of light more than other settlements, electricity here included in the best case for a couple of hours. But now those robbery of candles, oil stoves and was willing to fork out even to purchase a generator, the pleasures are no longer know what to do with their reserves for a rainy day.

Julia Semibokova, whose parents live in Kerch, on his Facebook page tells us about his recent conversation with his mother, vozmutivšejsâ, that now, when the light is given, it has no place to put candles. "I nadoumila it yesterday around the future sharply podeševevšim the goods is admitted Semibokova. — Say, will come in handy, little did. "What else" a little "?! -did not calm down mom, which under sideways now works "energy bridge". And I understand that sucked again, as at that time was afraid that my mother ogolodaet in Crimea from the embargo. "

Although a few days ago was Semibokova is pessimism. She told about broken mobile phones, about news that crimeans have to pass through "word of mouth" about how quickly devastated residents of the city supermarkets, refrigerators and an increased demand for bread, which began to line up in a queue. Her parents were able to cook on a gas stove, but grandparents, who have had to haul electric cooker food and tea in a thermos. According to Semibokovoj, people do not lose heart and nose not hung, "Putin said before December 20" energy bridge "to run". "While the times said, then so be it," stated optimistically Semibokova.

Alarm condition

According to Andrei Vasilyev from Sevastopol, all week in different areas of the city, the situation has changed every day. "It is therefore difficult to assess immediately that changed after Putin's visit, he says" Apostrophe ". -Limit for today Sevastopol-85 megawatts. From 23 November he changed in the range 90-75 megawatts.

Vasilyev lives in Russia and his home — the largest number of electric stoves in the County. "Two apartment houses are connected to one transformer, which is due to too much overhead does not withstand power surges. Every prolonged disconnection from the electricity machine leads to crash when connecting, "said Vasiliev. On the first day blèkauta one of the houses proved to be dead. It lasted three days, and then the high accident rate both at home a couple of days off in a sparing mode. Neighbors wrote a complaint to the "Governor". "As a result, since Thursday us became disable" adult ". In practice, this means the following: light No 6:00, then he appears on 15-20-30 minutes. Afterwards the mishap. Timing of elimination — 5-10-20-30 hours. From Thursday to Saturday the emergency came five times. In Sunday afternoon — initially scheduled disabling, then again an accident "— describes the Vasilyev persecuted inhabitants. According to him, the inhabitants of other areas who are in a similar situation, began to block off streets. What will happen now and for how long the light appeared in Sevastopol, is also unclear.

Irina believes that problems with the flow of light in Crimea will remain. "Putin said, speaking before the Federal Assembly. He and here we have a saying: "do not expect that everything will be fine." Warned that the new technology could fail at any moment. "

The Russian President echo and representatives of Crimean "authorities". That outage will continue, said after the launch of the energy bridge and so-called "first Vice Prime Minister of Crimea Mikhail Sharamet. However, he promised that the new charts will reduce lack of light in the houses at times. The so-called "Governor of Sevastopol Serhiy Minyailo also announced a new, less rigid, schedule constraints of supply.

Irina from feodosiya said that the moment for another beautiful pictures with the Russian President was chosen as the best in the Crimea is just badly cold, first snow, and that's against the backdrop of worsening weather conditions on the peninsula, Putin flew to ignite the light in the Crimean homes. "If someone knew beforehand something … (laughs). It was amazing to see Putin for 12:00 until the moment when he will appear before the Federal Assembly — he threw and flew to the Crimea ", she says. Mood she far from optimistic. It is necessary to prepare for the new body being, she is certain.

Yana Sedova, apostrophe.com.ua

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