Rabinovich: Putin own hands has destroyed Russia's influence on Ukraine

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United States influence in Ukraine now stronger than Russia's.

This opinion was expressed by Russian financier and blogger Fame Rabinovich in a comment to the site, "Gordon".

Due to lower oil prices, economic and political influence of Russia has decreased, he said.

"Putin own hands destroyed all the influence of Russia, which for decades to come, if the Putin regime will be durable. But I think it will last, and whilst a short-lived influence on Ukraine, Russia can only through the bayonets and tanks. When new Russian relations with Ukraine mode may be based on business, trade, "he said.

He predicts the impact of the United States to Ukraine will increase.

"The American influence in Ukraine will only increase, because Ukraine should join NATO. It is obvious that guarantees Budapest Memorandum did not work, and the only security assurances that may be provided to Ukraine are NATO membership. Conflict with Russia will certainly hinder the entry, but I'm quite sure that in a few years, Ukraine will become a member of NATO, and the influence of the United States as the leading country of the Alliance will be further strengthened, "speculated Rabinovich.

As reported by "the observer", formerly the glory Rabinovich told how Turkey and NATO paid Russia for hybrid war in Ukraine



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