Religious leaders Saudi Arabia supported Jihad against Russia


More than fifty Saudi clerics, many of whom oppozicionny authorities, called on Arab countries to support Jihad against Russia, Iran and Syrian authorities

That 53 Saudi spiritual leader signed an online call for support of the Jihad against the Syrian Government, the presence of Russia, Iran, reports Reuters. They call upon the countries of the Muslim world to provide "moral, material, political and military support to those who are called" holy warriors "to Syria. If those fail, then there will be the turn of other Sunni States in the region, explain the authors of the appeal.

The Russian air force operation in Syria, Saudi leaders have compared with the operation of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, which also led to the Declaration of Jihad, and the ongoing Russian military operation in Syria called part of the "Orthodox crusade.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries support opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Saudi aviation participates in the fight against the "Islamic State" (IG). Despite the fact that the official clergy calls rebel war against Assad as Jihad, it is prohibited to go to Syria to fight or to provide financial assistance to the rebels on any channels, in addition to the public.

Earlier today issued a statement in which a number of Syrian insurgent groups, including those operating under the auspices of the "free the army of Syria" as well as "Ahrar Al-Sham" ("Islamic movement free people Shama") calls on the countries of the region to the joint fight against "Russian-Iranian occupation of Syria."

Russia to begin operations September 30 have repeatedly accused that its aircraft strikes against the positions of moderate opponents of Assad. 3 October, all seven countries of the anti-terrorist coalition (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) requested the authorities of Russia with a joint statement which called for an end to attacks on the Syrian "moderate".​​

The head of Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow did not believe "Free Syria's Army a terrorist organization. At the same time, the Russian Minister described it as "the phantom" and said that "as long as no one told us where and how this" free the Syrian army has been operating or where and how to operate other detachments of the so-called moderate opposition.attacks on rebel groups in Moscow denied.

George Peremitin, Elizabeth Vogt-RBC

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