Roman Bočkala: Turkey's trump card. Russia and covered the Bosphorus


Today Russian ships all day cut unnecessary circles and zigzags, waiting for permission to pass. Ship in other countries were freely

Relations between Turkey and Russia continue to deteriorate. And looking at the situation from Istanbul, I can say that the Turks do not want to burn bridges. They are not taught history. However, ready to burn if no other choice remains. Honor is more important than.

And, it seems, there is really no choice. Russian President Vladimir Putin was expected to meet with Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the climate summit in Paris. This has not happened. Uncle Putin specifically ate bits. Well and good. He thus releases the Turkey from any obligations. Soon they all will remain. Ukraine will benefit from it. And in the relations between Turkey and Russia will remain only one nostalgic "snow", like that of Orhan Pamuk.

Communication between the conflicting parties takes place exclusively in the language of mutual threats. Turkey mouth premiere Davutoglu again stated that she would not apologize for downed aircraft and already once again complained that Turkish goods do not pass on the Russian border. Specifically, it was about textiles.

In turn, the Deputy Head of the Russian Government, Arkady Dvorkovich, promised specifically on textiles not veto. Well, Yes, you need to dress up in something. Sew good pants and shirts in the largest country in the world and not learned. But the ban will affect agricultural production. Is about to deliver a list. It will be the product of meat, vegetables and fruit. The list will be drawn up in the light of the new year holidays. God forbid you leave people without mandarins. Togo and look, the "orange" Revolution begins.

Don't be surprised if returning from Turkey would put mark-"was in enemy territory"

Well, generally the clinic. In Russia, have banned the sale of permits in Turkey. After exportation of poor fellows, who arrived on the Turkish coast before the ban, Charter flights will no longer be carried out. Lies now any inhabitant of Kemerovo in a lounge chair and bites your elbows. What is unconsciously, what political shortsightedness. Or, on the contrary, curses their rulers. Don't be surprised if returning from Turkey would put mark-"was in enemy territory."

What will be the response of Turkey at the travel embargo remains a guess, but Trump ACE in the sleeve of Ankara there is. And such that the Moscow kill nothing. The Bosporus and the Dardanelles. The main intrigue is whether Turkey will block passage for Russian ships through the Straits. Russian ships have already faced difficulties. If you look at the data tracking system courts online, then you can see how today Russian boats all day cut unnecessary circles and zigzags, waiting for permission to pass, while the ships of other countries freely overcame the Bosphorus. In summary, then, obviously, the bottom of the recent crisis between the partners has not yet reached. To be continued.


Roman Bočkala,

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