Russia covered the antitureckaâ schizophrenia


As expected, Russian propaganda has earned the Stakhanovite mode and antitureckaâ schizophrenia hid rossiûšku. But, seemingly, just last week from Erdogan and Putin handshakes in sunny Antalya every Patriot was simply must ussat′sâ from the highly spiritual ecstasy. What we have at the moment?

Russia stops any military contacts with Turkey (recklessly, fighting at the border of this country and violating it regularly). Russia hosts in Lattakia-400 complex (which, by the way, was there seen another 13 November). Russia plans to completely close the flow of tourists to Turkey (Yes, Turkey is seriously hurt, but one Rookery to vysokoduhovnyh seals will become less … where on new year's Eve blows the average niŝebrod? well, and the rest are waiting for discounts!). Russia urged its citizens not to buy Turkish clothes (of course, China will help us!). In Russia suddenly discovered Listeria in Turkish chicken meat (and before that it was no longer there?)

MDA. Scan now with affection caricatures of Russian authors about how Russian bear expands South stream to Turkey, showing the EU and United States regions. However, the work of the cartoonist is unpredictable and nekazista. Need to capture trends in order to then not be laughing, and now the same draftsmen create caricatures on Erdogan. In a puddle? Yes-in a puddle!

But what is more interesting, just prior to what limit will be brought this schizophrenia? Byzantium was already today named sacred Russian land, what's next? Crusade? Oh I don't think though … make a fool of God prays!

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