Russia provoke Turkey to violate the Treaty on the Bosphorus

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The tourist beautiful surrounding front for the war of Russia with Turkey. Only Putin assured in his message that Moscow is not going to rattle the saber in this conflict, as Moscow immediately started military muscles.

That put on the fly, and how to react will tell Ankara more Roman Bočkala.

Yesterday's incident in the Bosphorus is still the most discussed topic in Turkey. I recall during the passage of the Straits aboard the Russian military landing ship "Tsesar Kunikov" soldier was seen with "Igla" in the hands of such strike air targets.

Turkey expressed extreme indignation at the incident. The Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu called it a provocation.

The reaction was not long in coming. The Russian Ambassador in Turkey will be summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry. Surely he will protest. And already yesterday evening in the waters of the Bosporus appeared NATO warships. In fact, they relocated to the alert, and the Turkish Navy in full combat readiness.

In total since the start of the crisis between Moscow and Ankara number of Turkish warships and allies in the waters of the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Turkey has increased from three to 25 units.

Trade relations between the countries also are experiencing an unprecedented crisis. We visited the Istanbul Haydarpasa Port shopping and not found there no Russian ship.

"Over the past three weeks morckaâ trade with Russia has virtually halted. Russian merchant ships brought wheat here, in the opposite direction transported fruit and vegetables. But there is nothing of this now, "said Turkish entrepreneur Volkan Gungor.

Under the Treaty signed after World War I, Turkey is obliged in peacetime to ignore all military and commercial ships passing through the Bosporus, which divides Istanbul on the European and Asian parts.

However, it seems, by their actions, Russia is doing everything to Turkey violated the Treaty.

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