Russian law enforcement officers banned from entering Turkey and Egypt. Question about changing the order of departure in all countries


Police officers serving Federal Migration Service (FMS), the Federal service of execution of punishment (FSIN), Interior and defense ministries, would probably be harder to choose the place for your holidays. Russian media have reported that the staff of these departments have banned travel to some foreign countries. Information is contradictory: according to one data, leaving limited for all other-only for employees who have access to the documents classified as "secret". In the "black list" of different information from 150 to 200 foreign countries, including the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey and Egypt.

LifeNews, citing its sources reported that staff of the offices would no longer be able to enter in 150 countries. In this black list includes United States, Turkey, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Egypt, Cuba and some others. This information of the echo of Moscow radio station confirmed Chairman of the Coordination Council of Trade Union Mikhail Pashkin.

In the Office of the Security Council of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION also did not become refute this information, noting that the question of how to travel abroad to employees of law enforcement agencies is being considered, but no decision yet on changing it.

A source in the ATC SWAO GU MVD of Russia. Moscow said that a ban on leaving the ordinary composition became known before.

Interfax news agency, also citing an anonymous source, said that the ban applies only to those police officers who have a high degree of access to State secrets and official secrets. Departure to travel in such cases will be agreed with management. As said by the interlocutor of the Agency, at the end of March, the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS received a letter of recommendation on strengthening the regime for the protection of State secrets and official secrets, proposing the border leaving employees who have to work with tolerances should. According to the source, in the "black list" has about 200 States.

In this case, the ban was not touched by staff with the third form of tolerance-that is, officers who do not have access to documents marked "secret". The source stressed that the decision is fully consistent with the law on State secrets, since staff with the second form of admittance sign a document stating that they may be at any time, restricted to travel abroad and receive a cash allowance "for privacy".

According to LifeNews, all police and investigators leaving banned until further notice. Expiry unknown. Note earlier to police visits abroad were possible after agreeing with management: in order to spend a vacation outside of Russia, it was enough to inform his superiors.

The press-service of the INTERIOR MINISTRY "Moskovskiy Komsomolets" newspaper meanwhile reported that of personnel management "of such orders was not". In Moscow police officers ' Union reported that the order exists, the details are being investigated.

In FMS and the Defense Ministry to comment on the information for "MK". ITAR-TASS at the FSIN said that there was no prohibitions or restrictions in this respect no. However, a source in the RUSSIAN FEDERAL MIGRATION SERVICE said that the ban on leaving the staff there explained that "abroad on civil servants can attack".

As noted by the portal, LifeNews federal service for drug control (fskn) such an order so far. Under a ban already ended up Egypt but after the adoption of the forthcoming order this list of countries significantly expanded edition, the sources said.

However, the FEDERAL press service told Interfax that officers simply recommended not to travel in countries that have an agreement with the United States for extradition. "It's a recommendation rather than an order," stressed the Ministry. Russia Today also wrote that the members of the law enforcement agencies not prohibited to go abroad, but simply recommended to temporarily refrain from traveling.

Where and to whom it will be possible to ride, is not yet known. According to LifeNews, civilians working in the Interior Ministry and the FEDERAL contract, can allow a vacation in Turkey. In addition, it is expected that in the coming months you will see a list of "allowed" to visit countries.

Users of social networks immediately responded to the information media. "I have so father in Soviet times, Bulgaria was not fired," one participant wrote on a popular forum. "And there is. A week ago, heard it from a relative who works in bodies. They were warned in advance. Welcome to the Crimea, "said another Russian Internet user. Another forumčanin suggested that this Decree is aimed at "high heads".

At a special forum police officers are discussing whether it would be possible to recover abroad to those who have already purchased tickets. Police note that cancel trips are not collected, and, according to them, any official documents yet (it is, however, contrary to the information published, some photo LifeNews document). However, officials from the Khabarovsk region report that banned travel to all, including those who have signed the order to leave and vouchers on hand. Refuse even to those who have the third form of secrecy (no access to State secrets).

"Once in a lifetime decided to take a trip with the family abroad-took credit, somehow signed vacation, issued a visa-and that now all? It is better to resign, "said one of the police officers. "If before nothing may resolve, then go write a report on dismissal. Ear already, "wrote another. "If a couple of years left before retirement, it is necessary to hold on and I … But if years 8-10, it is necessary to look for themselves in life, rather than endure this abomination, "advised an employee of the FEDERAL DRUG CONTROL SERVICE. "I do not want to and will not I rest with us. I know the difference in comfort and in the money, "writes another employee of law enforcement authorities.

However, RIA Novosti published a paper entitled "East or West, home is best", where claims that security officials might do well to relax and in Russia, and restrictive measures beneficial to the development of domestic tourism.

The Russian Foreign Ministry had earlier recommended that Russian citizens not to travel to countries which have concluded an agreement with the United States on mutual extradition. And State Duma deputies have proposed restrictions on travel abroad for some persons residing in Russia: debtors, citizens under investigation, as well as persons with dual nationality.

Power structures in Russia has more than 4 million Russians. Total number of employees of the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS is about 1.3 million. According to the latest data, in Russia on 10 people 1000 policemen (global level-roughly 3 police officers per thousand citizens). The Defence Ministry employs more than two million people, in the FSIN-325.5 thousands, FEDERAL-40 thousand. To calculate the exact number of employees of the FSO, the FSB and the military intelligence is difficult due to the secrecy of data on sample estimates figure is about 250 thousand.

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