Sazonov: NATO is better than any peacekeepers


The Russian President's attempt to take all the jitters by brute force and arrogance reminiscent of the situation in the Soviet football. When the match commentator from Moscow to enrage yelling into the microphone and starts. "We need a goal, we need a goal," emotionally, he shouts into the microphone. And at the thirtieth minute suddenly becomes silent and after a pause, sad voice issues in broadcast: "we needed a goal-we got it …"

Putin wanted his notice. Drew attention. For men his age, by the way, a very typical syndrome. He wanted not just to negotiate with him were considered. To saw it as a dangerous enemy. He captured in Crimea, Donbass invaded, despite all damages and losses continued to violate the agreement, shoot down airplanes and kill civilians. Received sanctions, the fall in oil prices, the prospect of isolation and complete collapse of the economy. But all the same lane ahead, with the grace of an elephant in a China shop. Entourage gleefully ryčalo: "our Crimea, Donbass, we need our goal, we need a goal." Requested goal? Get …

In the Black Sea six NATO ships hold exercises with the NAVY of Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. This is not a terrible tale of Russian propaganda, but a real fact. Not American military fleet, namely NATO-as a part of the marching group of warships six countries-Vicksburg (United States), Fredericton (Canada), Turgutreis (Turkey), Spessart (Germany) Aliseo (Italy), Regina Maria (Romania). During the exercise to be practiced exercises to protect against attacks from the air and from torpedo attack submarines. It is obvious that protection against torpedo attack submarines is a natural, permanent and normal operations of the Navy. But "exercises to protect against attacks from the air"-a direct response to Putin's threat to apply military aviation against Ukraine.

"Preparation and teachings that we conduct with our allies in the Black Sea, support our commitment to any NATO mission, which may need to fulfil its commitments within the framework of collective defence," said the Commander of the marching group Admiral Williamson. To this post I'd like to add "said tone friendly customized psychiatrist". Readiness for any mission is very important. Particularly in the context of suppressing aviation, after a not very peaceful man gave the teachings of aviation in the Rostov region. Here and NATO in the Black Sea. As a nurse with the straitjacket. You need a goal?

Psychology, delicate and complicated. As psychiatry. Too much it aspects and sections. Of course, there are some general precepts, but the right approach to one particular dictator, u.s. psychiatrists had to try. In contrast to European experts, doctors from the State Department over whether the less accurately understand the motivation and the logic of Putin. And found the correct way to effective discussion. One blow in my ear sometimes replaces the two-hour educational conversations with European specialists. And the Crown on the head, sometimes can be corrected only by a shovel. NATO in this case is better than any peacekeepers.


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