Spain could replace Russia in supplying gas to Europe


Spain could replace Russia in the "blue fuel" deliveries to European consumers.

Spanish Edition writes "The decision of the Spanish Government to resolve by finding loopholes in the law on urgent measures, the use of the regazificionnyh terminals for the storage of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and thus qualify for the main supplier of gas to Europe rather than Russia is not just a èjforičeskaâ reaction that had managed to" attach "surplus" blue fuel ", temporarily obrazovavšiusâ due to falling demand because of the crisis.

"Enhance energy security and to prevent a possible critical shortages of fossil fuels" is also a secondary motives, if we take into account the context in which that decision was taken at the international level, Spain thereby executes instructions from Washington, who under the pretext of "reduce gas dependency Europe from Moscow is trying to" weaken Russia as a world power, even if this intention goes to the detriment of millions of European and Russian citizens and engenders new war. In Madrid are aware that benefits from the "gas war" will receive the global initiative on slancevomu gas in the United States, which are seeking buyers for your product. Spain, among other things, has already signed contracts with several companies in Texas and Louisiana for the purchase of shale gas over the next 25 years.

In terms of regional policy Spain is trying to gain a strategic advantage over its European partners by turning their country into a staging post in the energy sector in Europe, or, in other words becoming what Turkey on their way between Europe and Africa. That is why the Spanish authorities would be worth most attentively weigh all the pros and cons of this role. Regional and national conflicts have already been many times the reason that Turkish gas pipelines rose, and energy supplies to European clients. And for a strategic partnership with the United States to Turks had to pay: during the war in South Ossetia between Georgia and Russia in 2008 year Moscow has restricted the Turkish imports in the country after Ankara allowed passage of American warships into the Black Sea on the assistance of the Caucasian Republic, which meant for Turkey serious material losses.

In terms of internal policy of the Spanish network Terminal regazifikacionnyh, which with the onset of the crisis only works on 70% power, is thus "saved" awesome injection of Government and European grants, while for small consumers gas price drops. The EU has allocated 750 million euro in the framework of the European interconnection mechanism. Barriers for a number of reasons, however, Spain is unlikely to be able to not only replace Russia in the European market, but also to guarantee, as it promises delivery in Western Europe at least 10% of the volume of gas from Russia, i.e., 9.1 million cubic meters per year. Because, not being a manufacturer to fill their warehouses "blue gold" and resell it it will depend on the supply of the following countries: United States: Besides not quite clear future environmentally dangerous Wednesday hydraulic fracturing method in the extraction of shale gas and despite the fact that Spanish companies promise since the year 2019 to buy about 1.5 million tons of LNG a year, American, completion of the expansion of the Panama Canal in the year 2016 would allow Washington to sell its gas at much higher prices in Asia ( particularly in Japan, Korea, India) and leave the Spaniards on the beans. — Algeria, the main supplier of gas to Spain here already that year reduces the prey.

Signed in 2009 year, Algeria, Nigeria and Niger transsaharskogo gas pipeline construction project NIGAL» length of 4000 km, which would deliver Nigerian gas across the Sahel and the Sahara desert in transsredizemnomorskuû network, began to be implemented in the past year alone, and no one knows when he piped gas zastruitsâ. Besides, isn't this in Nigeria operate from terrorists "Boko Haram" African Taliban? Or the United States used the noisy campaign for release of Nigerian girls to send their military and establish a base for strategic operations in this African country, which is a major producer of high-quality oil on the continent? BTW schoolgirls still in captivity, but nobody thinks about their salvation: the armed forces of the United States Africa command, or AFRICOM, has already achieved its goal: to have a military presence in this strategically important country, to oust China with energy of the Nigerian market and fight with Nigerian activists who report on environmental disasters caused by the activities of oil companies.

Yes, and Algeria is suffering a chronic lack of political stability, and constantly exposed to attacks of terrorists, which interferes with the growth of foreign investments in country's economy. Being located in a dangerous neighborhood with Libya, Mali and Tunisia, on whose territory the Act armed religious groups and Western troops, Algeria at any moment can be caught in both the civil and regional war. The recent attacks by Islamists on gas complexes in Amenas and Tigenturin, not far from the Libyan border, which left 43 worker, forced the Norwegian oil company Statoil and British BP to suspend their activities for a few months. -Spain can also count on gas supplies from Iran (deer in the corner of the United States and Israel, which do not give the Iranians build pipelines for fuel deliveries to Europe or East Asia), Qatar (involved in war with Iraq, Syria and Libya on the side of terrorists) or Turkmenistan, which as a result of the smooth progress of China, Russia and Iran, vykupivših he gas over the next 25 years left without fuel and will not be able to load the Nabucco Caspian pipeline "blue gold" for Europe. So Spain will not be able to gain sufficient LNG, to satisfy European clients even at existing level today. To the problems already mentioned, the following are added:

1. It will take years for the construction of gas overload Terminal pipelines, and ships. Suffice it to recall, as differences between Madrid and Paris have delayed the construction of the gas pipeline "Midkat".

2. Controversial profitability overload for both Spain (take fuel, downloaded to warehouses and transported to the customer) and for European clients who want to regazificirovat′ again.

3. Response by Moscow for such a "grudge", or someone thinks she will calmly look at how her deprived of bread and power? Did you know that Russia is the main supplier of enriched uranium for nuclear reactors 132 Europe? Energy supply should come from diversified sources and be reliable and profitable. Thus, if you increase the number of suppliers is not possible, must either lower the level of consumption of fossil fuels, either, instead of complicating your life expensive and unrealistic projects and participation in disastrous wars for a rearranging of the energy map of the world, should strengthen diplomatic ways of resolving conflicts between States and the principle of "peaceful coexistence" in international relations, if you do not want to freeze to death this winter, and subsequent without Russian gas. "


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